Monday, January 08, 2007

What a weekend!!!

So on Saturday it was 70 degrees out!!!!!! It was amazing! I had plans to go to the driving range, but decided to take a look at the Coach outlet in Hershey first. I'd read online that some of the "legacy" collection in the whiskey color (now discontinued) would soon be hitting the outlets and had a credit I needed to I tossed the golf clubs in the truck, rolled down all the windows..and off to Hershey I went!

Overall I wasn't impressed by the offerings this trip...but I did luck out and find the vintage flight back from back in 2004 in the blue (I have a demi in the bronze that was part of this collection too). It was marked down to $103 and I had a $45 credit from some gloves I returned after it was a steal!!!!

Then I headed off to the driving range to meet my friend Nik. It was so amazing outside! And Nik and I hadn't talked in we got a large bucket each and spent an hour or so swinging and just having girl talk. And a nice ego boost....she said I looked great and that I was losing weight (I really hope so!)Then we decided a lunch place with adult beverages was a we headed off to Damons for a mid afternoon lunch. When I got home I started doing some stuff around the house....straightening up and paint touch ups. I've had several spots downstairs that have been SERIOUSLY in need of touch up...pretty much from the beginning. So I finally dragged out my downstairs paint....made my touch ups..and then moved some of the remaining paint into my nifty touch up bottles. If you haven't seen these....get one! They make it so easy to do touch ups. I have one for every paint in my house.

Sunday was a FULL day of productivity. I was up by 8am thanks to the kitties. Started off the morning with my walk around the neighborhood. Then after checking out the Sunday Target ad I headed off to stock up on some workout wear that was on sale for the week and some food for dinner this week.

I got back home and went STRAIGHT up stairs where I began with installing a new showerhead that I've had sitting around my house for a good 3 months now. Then I moved on to cleaning out my closet and drawers. Did some reorganization of my clothing..and a few furniture pieces. Did some cleaning out and organizing of my bathroom - got rid of various cosmetics and things that don't get used (need to do this with my linen closet too!). And I think most exciting...I cleaned out my glass doored cabinet so I can get some of my shoes out on display...the only ones not packed away right now are the one from Bev for my birthday and the one from mom for Christmas. I'm thinking tomorrow night I'll dig the rest of them out and unpack them. Anyway, I also did a MOUNTAIN of laundry...all my clothes, towels, and like 20 differet items of dry cleaning (god I love dryel). The only thing I didn't get to yesterday was the sheets because by the time a friend called last night I was beat!!! So...spent a while on the phone and then I headed downstairs to make dinner and work on my sweater for the rest of the night.

A nice, productive, enjoyable weekend for Shelley!!! Yeah!

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