Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New socks!

So I think I posted before about how I discovered this particular knitting needles I love....they are called "brittany" and they are made of birch. I bought some when i was working on all my christmas goodies and noticed I was able to knit a lot longer with these needles than I normally can in one sitting. The next time I was in my yarn store I mentioned it and they told me its because they're relatively soft needles....so they feel better in your hands. So....all these needles I've been buying lately are brittany birch needles to convert my entire selection of random needles to one good type of needle.

I decided to pick up and make some socks again....so far I've actually only completed one pair like 2 years ago...and about half of a single sock that I haven't touched in over a year..... But I picked up some great pink/purple supermerino that I bought in Laguna Beach a while back and my size 5 double pointed needles and went to town....and I made a complete pair of socks (albeit ankle socks) in just a little over a week. And they are SOOOOO soft and comfy!!!! Look at my pretty handy work.... I'm so excited to start another pair! I'll have to check out the sock yarn at my local yarn store that's closing and see if there's anything good for a good cheap price!

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el walto said...

WOW! SOCKS! I guess I never really think about how stuff is manufactured. I think it's cool that you can make your own stuff :)