Monday, January 15, 2007

Performance Review today!!!

So I had my annual review this morning. As was very positive. The only negative thing is that I take things to personally sometimes. Which I know...I tried to take a class this summer on managing emotions and thriving under pressure...but the class ended up NOT really hitting on the high points I't do me any good. Anyway, my boss said he things I've learned everything from this job that I needed to and am ready for my next one (not that I get to take it until next year). We'll start trying to get more specific about my next move and exactly what that job will be in the June / July timeframe.

AND the best news....a nice big fat 6% merit raise. Now....6% may not seem like a lot to some people...but its a VERY healthy raise for my company. In fact...the only time's I've gotten close to it are the 5% raises I got with the last two promotions....the biggest my annual raise has been outside of that is 3%.... Not that I'm whining...if you look at my starting salary and what I get today.....the increase is pretty remarkable.... But...I'm thrilled with the added income from my raise!!!!!! to get ready for my business trip to Key Largo in the morning.

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