Friday, March 16, 2007

Why must the snow continue to torture me!

According to the calendar spring is nearly upon us..... Will someone PLEASE tell that to the SNOW that is falling AGAIN! I just spent the better part of an hour shoveling the first 4 inches off my driveway (my mommie always taught me its better to shovel as you go then to have to shovel 12 inches off!). And by the time I got to the bottom...I already had another half inch of snow at the top! I hate the snow!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Latest Coach Lusts.....

I want I want! I can't spend the money because of my recent glasses purchase....and its really too big for me...but its so damn cute!

Limited Edition Lily Straw Basket

There's also a crazy expensive perfume themed straw basic - $1600 - but it comes packed with all kinds of perfume themed goodies!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Holy crap.....

Just spent $400 on new glasses.... thank god I put so much in my flexible spending this year!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

My heart is broken......

So I had the girls over tonight before/after a game night event we were going to. After a exciting game of Disney Scene it we somehow got on the topic of all the naughty things in Disney movies over the year.

And I'm very sad to say.....Disney has pulled ALL of them out on the DVDs!!!!! Seriously....we opened up several of my as yet unopened Disney DVDs to more penis during Eric's wedding to Ursula in The Little Mermiad....No more SEX in the clouds in the Lion King..... you get the picture. If you didn't realize all these things existed....check out Snopes - Disney Films and you'll see what I'm talking about.

On the plus Videotape of the Little Mermaid was purchased on the first day the videos came out...before Disney realized the phallus on the cover in the castle. I'm told my video is worth some money because of it...and I do have The Little Mermaid on DVD now....I should check into selling it for cash I think. If you're not sure what I'm talking about there....welll......

Ah to see again...well....soon

So I've been having serious issues with my eyes of fact...its now been nearly 3 weeks since I've had my contacts in. And I HATE wearing my glasses.....always have..not because of their serious coke bottle lenses...but because my vision is so bad I don't like the correction glasses provide as opposed to contacts. And thus far I've not been considered a LASIK candidate as my vision isn't "stable". So the last few weeks of constant glasses wearing has been particularly stressful....especially when it comes to things like oh...DRIVING!

So I finally got into the eye dr my whole office sees today. The good news is...he thinks my problem is just deposits on my lenses...not due to how I care for them...but because they are nearly 5 years old and it happens! My prescription has changed some....but just slightly they say. So....he thinks with new contacts I'll be good to go. That said, he said my current lenses FIT so well (I wear Rigid Gas Perm for all you contact experts out there) that he doesn't want to start from they're trying to track down my records. But I'm not hopeful since all I had to tell them was the last dr I saw was at the Costco in Concord, CA....and the girl at the counter was like..."I guess I can call information???" Hopefully I'm wrong and it will be a snap...and we'll have new contacts on order in no time... And they did clean my lenses with a stronger enzyme than what I can get at home....and he said that might make them okay to wear for a few more weeks if I want to try.

In the meantime...I do have new prescription for my right eye is WAY off from my current glasses...and will be headed out on a mission shortly to see who in my area sells Coach frames (the optical shop at the dr did not). And if they don't then I need someone to measure my "pupil depth" so I can order from or someplace like them. Because lets face can I NOT get Coach frames as big a collector as I am? And they're all damn cute anyway.... In of the TWO ads in this months Marie Claire featured a girl with coach eyeglasses on her nose and sunglasses on her head!

Oh yeah....and my eyes are still I can't see all that great and have a splitting headache from the light...even though I have my sunglasses on over my glasses and a hat on. Fun stuff!

Oh yeah...and my vision blows....just today's exam exceeded the $150 I get to spend on routine vision exam, lenses, etc every two years. And I still need to buy the glasses and contacts!

But really soon I'll be able to see again!!!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

To prove to El Walto that girls like gadgets too....

For my "fun" stuff from my bonus this year...I did not buy a purse...or shoes...or clothes....well I did get a couple of sweaters on clearance at ann taylor loft.... but the bulk of my fun stuff (since most went into savings or paid off debt) I went tech!!!!

I had lots of fun at The Apple Store (online of course cuz this dumb burg I'm in doesn't HAVE an apple store for 100 miles in any direction. Thank god apples got a distribution center about 4 miles from my house and stuff normally shows up next day when I order online!

A wireless keyboard:

Wireless mighty mouse (which I just recently learned to configure for "right clicking" I can't believe it took me so long...I knew it was supposed to work...but couldn't figure out why it didn't...dumb me...I had to SET IT UP for that!

And a 120GB hard drive for backing up. Especially since I'll need it for Time Machine when Leopard releases. But for now even using "Backup" its a hell of a lot easier than all the DVDs I have to back up to weekly. I've got Backup set to backup to the hard drive at 10pm every night now!

If only Leopard would hurry up and come out!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Ladies...wanna go commando...but feel a little too bare????

Check out "Nundies"!!!

I just saw these in my bliss catalog...and it seems like such a great idea!!!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm the proud owner of the new coach deluxe fragrance sample!!!

I've known for about 5 months now that Coach was soon to be developing their own fragrance....and waiting eagerly to see what it might be. As we've gotten closer to its March 5 release date there's been more in the press about it...and LOTS of buzz on the Purse Forum. Some of the Coach sales associates on the purse forum have been raving about how much they love it. AND from what I've heard the prices are great.

So yesterday I got home to find THIS in the mail!

Not only does it smell amazing..but how cute is the packaging!!!!! And I have a lovely little purse size spray that will last me for ages!!! Guess I'll have to add this to my wish list when my sample starts to go away....maybe that means I won't need to buy a new bottle of the Hermes Rose Ikebana I liked when I'm in Chicago in May....certainly this would be WAYYYYYYY cheaper than that one! And if Michelle buys more at Hermes they'll probably give me another generous sample of that anyway which will last for ages!