Thursday, June 29, 2006

Weekend in LA.....Part 1 goes!

Believe it or flight from Harrisburg to Chicago ACTUALLY got to Chicago on time! Of course the minute I landed I saw that the next flight..the one to LAX was delayed. I called Michelle to warn her that Missie and I would be late...she was so shocked...and then went to meet Missie at her gate. Which was kind of exciting in itself for both of us. I have seen Missie since last July when I was in Peoria...and she thought it was cool to be met at the gate at the airport since you can't do that anymore. Anyways...we grabbed some grub and went to wait for our LAX flight.

We got to LAX around 11:30pm. Michelle had just landed too and we met her on the car shuttle to the rental car place. I remembered it was the same place Ann and I rented a car last when we got off the shuttle I darted inside to get in line...because it took FOREVER when Ann and I were there! My bladder was not too happy with the decision...but when the girls saw the line by the time THEY made it inside...their appreciation helped. A few short minutes and we were on our way.

Unfortunately we were staying down in Irvine because the hotel for the wedding had such a great rate...we didn't want to miss out on it was about 12:45am before we arrived at the Crown Plaza Irvine. We got inside and there was ONE person working the counter....and a lady was arguing with him because she didn't get the room type she wanted. Mind you...she HAD a room....and was already checked into it...with her stuff in it....but was arguing about her room...and the rooms of her family who had not yet arrived. 30 minutes later the guy finally was ready to help us....fortunately I had listened closely to their discussions. When the guy pulls up my reservations he tells me he only has rooms with 2 doubles available. I said, "That's fine because that's what my reservation was for" (and was thinking...hello do you see three of us here??). He looked perplexed and said "Oh no...I only have kings available". When I asked him where he thought we would all be sleeping he again looked perplexed and said he'd get us a rollaway....and move us to another room in the morning. I told him that was not acceptable...and did he not see I was a Priority Club member and my room should not have been given away in the first place. When he continued to argue with me I told him he needed to find us a room with two double beds or lower the rate on our room if someone had to sleep on a rollaway. I also asked for the customer service phone number.... And wouldn't you know...he found us a room!!!!

Saturday we were up early....well early CA time...not so much east coast time....we had lots of stuff to see and limited time before being at the wedding. We headed to Beverly Hills...for breakfast at Nate and Al's on Beverly Dr. We'd read that if you wanted to see celebs...breakfast at Nate and Al's was the place. It was this super cute...old style New York deli. Within 2 minutes of sitting down we saw celeb #1....Leslie Ann Warren...who came in with a gentleman and young girl. I was the only one smart enough to sit facing the Missie and Michelle had to wait til she was seated to get a peak...but definitely her. Then a few minutes later...Larry King walks right passed me. I was startled...and Missie looked over and said "Oh yeah...I've been looking at him trying to figure out if it was him...guess it was!" A few minutes later we're talking and Missie refers to "jack"...Michelle and I are like "who???" Turns out she thought Larry King was Jack Nicholson. It became the joke of the rest of the trip. As we were nearing the end of our breakfast Chad the Nanny from Jerry Maquire walked in. Looking the SAME as he did all those years ago when that movie came out.

After breakfast we did some shopping...well mostly browsing....along Beverly Dr, Rodeo Dr, and Wilshire Blvd. Then we headed back to the OC to make sure we were there in plenty of time for the wedding. Because it was still early we decided to hit South Coast Plaza so Michelle and I could look for Havianas that would match our outfits for the wedding (for when our heels got to be too much). We had a light meal (who knows what the wedding food would be like) and then headed back to our hotel. Now...silly me decided...rather than getting back on the 405..that I knew how to take local roads...and in my defense I did....but I forgot about the stupid roads that go at angles.... I knew we needed MacArthar and Main....but I forgot that there were two separte intersections of MacArther and MAIN!!!! When we finally arrived at the hotel we had 45 minutes to get ready and leave....well....then I looked at the directions...and we did not have to go to where I thought to get the yacht for the then I decided we had 30 minutes. Slight obstacle though...housekeeping was JUST cleaning our room....and did not understand a WORD of english....but did not let she was nodding when we kept telling her to come back...but not leaving. Eventually Missie pushed her out of the room while grabbing a stack of towels. A short 25 minutes later we were on the way to the wedding....

More to come....

Sunday, June 18, 2006

I'm a terrible blogger!!!

Things have just been CRAZY for me lately!!!!

Lets is insane....and lots of travel lately.

Last weekend I went white water rafting with some cool girls I met in from the MeetIn group. We had a blast...but MAN was I sore on Sunday! And I banged up one of my knees pretty good that's still smarting a bit.

This week I had a meeting in Chicago so I flew in and decided to stay the weekend. Friday Stepmom and sisters and I went to 1154 Lill on Armitage to make purses. I made a Jeanne ..will post picks after it arrives. Stac made a Molly - which is like the bag I already have, Steffo made a Lucy...which is like a Molly but smaller. CK made a Andi ... which is huge and beautiful! Now I just have to wait for it to be made and find its way to PA. I also picked up a small silver wristlet for the wedding next weekend. Oh yeah...speaking of the wedding...apparently I've been gaining weight in my BOOBS! So my BEAUTIFUL dress I'd previously posted no longer will zip up over them.... Particularly devistating because I'd bought all the cute matching accessories and been working on a sweater to go with it. And it looks AMAZING on me right up until it hits my boobs. Very upset. I found an alternative outfit (and therefore the need for the silver wristlet) but still not the same!

Back on topic...after we left the city we stopped to fathers day shop and headed home for dinner. Dad and CK were doing a good job of providing me with meals consisting of beef...because the beef in Pa is TERRIBLE. I was talking to a co-worker who said the reason its so bad out in PA is because the cattle isn't raised for food. Our beef is the old dairy cows - which they slaughter after they stop producing milk. SO...unless I'm at a chain where they are probably bringing in the beef from more beef for me in Harrisburg. Let see...then we watched Wedding Crashers and I headed to mom's house.

Saturday mom and I did some shopping and then headed to her Aunt Alice and cousin Nancy's house. I hadn't seen Alice in 2 years ... but I love (and hate) going because she looks JUST like my Grandma. It makes me both happy and sad. And the older Alice gets the MORE she looks like Grandma. I really like spending time there...because they are a big part of why I ended up going to Bradley. My mom's cousing Nancy had a engineering degree from Bradley and thats how I found out about it. The entire time I was away at school I'd get notes from Aunt Alice and her late husband Uncle Ray. Then Uncle Ray passed a month after my graduation. Aunt Donna was in town too so we all went over to Alice and Nancy's. Stac joined us to and Alice and Nancy feed us and we stayed around and talked about family until midnight.

This morning I was up early to pack up and head back to Dad and CKs for fathers day. We're headed to church soon and then off to Oak Brook for the annual fathers day car show. What could be better than antique cars AND high end shopping all day!!!! Just need to make sure they get me to the airport in time tonight!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What kind of bra are you?

You Are an Animal Print Bra!

Wild, zany, and even a little crazy.
You make every date an unpredictable adventure.
You want a guy who will constantly surprise you.
A relationship that's the most insane ride of your life.

My inner pop princess

Your Inner Pop Princess Is Beyonce

"Tonight I'll be your naughty girl
I'm callin all my girls
Gonna turn this party out
I know you want my body."

You've got the talent, looks, and attitude to get to the top of the charts.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What does your underwear say about you?

What Your Underwear Says About You

When you're bad, you're very bad. And when you're good, you're still trouble!

You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way.