Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Zella in a different box

Many of you may remember my first Zella in a box post here.

The saga continues......I have a little tiny basket for Elphaba's toys...and look who has decided its her new favorite place to lay...well....squish!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Clapotis Oops

So I finally finished my "clap" well..kind of...turns out I didn't follow the decrease directions right and missed the second drop stitch during the repeats. I don't see how I can frog it given the its just for me!

2 lb 5 oz

Thats right! Miss Elphaba had a visit to the vet today for her next round of shots, and she's currently weighing in at 2lb 5oz. Thats a full half pound growth in 2 weeks. No wonder her bigger harnesses are starting to fit!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Elphaba's new Sweater

xSo we started this week at 90 degrees..but its quickly fallen very cold. Especially for Miss Elphaba. So, it was sweater time. I was wary thinking I wouldn't find a patter small enough. But she's bulked up a little in the three weeks she's been home and I think this will do for a while. How cute is she?

Also, Miss Elphaba has her very own web sure to check it out!


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Three Nights!

Three nights in a row with clean cage!! Yeah!!!!

And her special harness showed up and fits so we went on a few nice little walks last night and this morning.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Teeny Tiny Doggie Harness we've not been able to go on a real walk on a leash yet....because the tiny harness I got at Petsmart was WAYYYYY too huge for my little Elphaba. But I scoured the internet this weekend and found a company that said they had stuff for dogs up to 2 I placed a couple of orders and found that "Tiny 1" from Cloak and Dawggie fits Elphie! We just went on our first walk on a leash! I ordered a Puppia harness too in XS (their smallest) but its still way too big...but maybe she'll grow into it (I hope since you can only return for size!). Anyway, for any other mommies with teeny tiny's where I got my harness from!

The New York Dog Shop

Looks like they have other cute stuff too so I'll have to check it out. But I ordered on Friday and it arrived USPS on Monday..not too bad!

Oh yeah..and TWO nights in a row with no mess in the crate! Yeah!