Friday, January 02, 2009

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Well I've been a busy girl this week....

I decided to tackle some of the decorating around the house since I'm off both work and school this week.

Basement Before: (Before you ask - the before pics are from the previous owners taken when I was househunting).

Basement Now:

Tomorrow I'll start hanging the assorted Disney artwork I've purhased to turn this into my Disney themed basement. The paint colors are both from Disney's Behr paint collection. The black is "Cinema Star" and the grey is "Mickey's Shadow". I've got a black slipcover for the sofa, a gigantic black beanbag, with plans for a red one as well, Disney pillows for the couch, and whatever else I can come up with without going over the top. The nice thing about using the black and grey as the paint colors - it will be SUPER easy to restage this into a more elegant look when the time comes to move again.

In addition to the basement itself, I've been working on the basement powder room.


This paint color is "Ariel's Song" also from the Behr Disney line. The towel and trash can I got at Meijer this week at 30% off. Glad I didn't buy it 2 months ago when mom and I first spotted it! I do have some Little Mermaid art that would work in here, but I am going to do a little more searching. I think I saw some paintings on that would be perfect!

So..tomorrow will be straightening up down there, hanging stuff on the walls, and then perhaps enjoying my new room! Hopefully my bonus is a nice one this spring and then I can get a nice big tv to fill up that giant entertainment area in the wall (doesn't my little tv look funny there?). The only question is...with the rest of my days off before going back to work Monday, and school Wednesday..will I attempt my bedroom or finish the kitchen? I'm kinda tired of painting at the moment...but both desperately need it. Not to mention the main floor powder room I still haven't gotten around too.....