Monday, January 01, 2007

01/01/07 Spending

$2 at Panera for hot chocolate and donation of change (yeah for my free egg souffle coupon!)
$100 at Target on asssorted necessities (again yeah coupons! I actually got a target mailing that like HALF the coupons were stuff I needed. I saved $10!).
$54.65 on groceries
$400 to credit card
$50 to Waste Management
$20 for Water bill
$14.92 for phone bill
$58.82 for cell phone bill

Wow...between that stuff, my mortgage payments for this month and school...I don't have a ton left. Why did they change my tax on the company car to hitting December paycheck? Better yet...why can't they spread it out over every month??? I took a pretty big hit again this year...and I didn't even think I drove that much.....DAMN...forgot...I'll have to pay for the miles to go home over the holidays....OOH...except I won't process that expense book til I can use THAT paycheck to pay for those!

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