Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm such a nerd!

I now have Dream in Color yarn in 27 of the 32 available colorways. 25 of them are in Classy. The other two are in Smooshy. One of them I have in Smooshy and Classy in my stash. And one of them I used the Fatty for the Scotty vest, which was a nice fast knit!

I'm so addicted to this yarn! In addition to baby blankets in process, I cast on last night for a Mr. Greenjeans sweater in this too. LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Dream in Color!

Here's the finished Scotty (link only works for fellow Ravelers).

It was a super fast knit thanks to the easy pattern and Fatty yarn. Eat.Sleep.Knit has Fatty as a power boost yarn for the yarn marathon this I'm SOOO tempted to buy more...but the project I have in mind requires 7 skeins..making it a $119 we'll see. May wait for a discount code and just miss out on the power boost.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Project Updates!

Well I've been a knitting fool lately. Guess it makes sense since I have no life outside school and work these days!!!

I finished my first Tulip Sweater and its GORGEOUS! Can't wait to give this baby away! I made the 12-18 month size, and used the originally recommended colors of Dream In Color Classy for this one. Will start to experiment with other colors for the next one.

I also finished my Tilted Duster finally, just need to figure out where I put the buttons I bought and sew those on. I used the recommended Berocco Peruvia for this, only took 7 skeins rather than the recommended 8. Did make the skirt a tiny bit shorter than it should be, but it still grazes the bottom of my bottom so I think its perfect. Came out a little big overall thanks to my continued weight loss, but I think it will be a warm cozy jacket. Mom is hoping I give it to her. We'll see....

And finally, my newest piece..The Scotty Vest from Dream In Color Designs. The first of its pattern on ravelry, outside the original by the designer that is! This is using Dream in Color's bulky weight yarn, Fatty. Was a super fast knit thanks to the bulk yarn, and I'm more and more in love with the feels and colorways from Dream in Color the more I work with it. I think my whole stash will soon be overrun with nothing but DIC!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So last week was the payout of my 2007 bonus. As usual, some of the money goes to a special something I can remind myself of my bonus with..and the rest usually goes to pay for all the other special somethings I bought duringthe year (ie credit cards).

So this year I went with:
A brand new 37" LCD HDTV from Vizio

A 160GB AppleTV which I've already rented some movies from and LOVE...they start so fast! Even the movie I rented in HD was ready to watch within like a minute!

A Harmony 550 universal remote.

Having great fun with my new if only I can make the tivo work with the tv...fortunately..I have a work around for now..though its a pain in the ass...involving using tivo 2 go to get it to my macbook and then toast to get it to my apple tv... one of these days I'll fix this...but I've had a killer cold all week and just haven't had the patience.