Sunday, February 26, 2006



Being a new mommy means little sleep!

So...I turned out the lights last night around 11:30pm. At that point neither Joey nor Zella had made an appearance out from underneath the bed. Joey did get close enough to the edge for a while that I was able to pet him and he loved every minute of it.

So lights go out...and all the sudden Mr. Joey is purring up a storm. Then the purrs start moving and I realize he's ventured out from underneath the bed. Then he turns to full on meowing. And we proceed this way until about 5am. Now about 2am after Joey jumped up onto the bed on his own Miss Zella decided it was worth a try for her to do the same. And all the sudden I'm laying on the bed in the dark with TWO cat's climbing all over me in an effort to get up on either nightstand. Joey proceeded to knock ALL 6 pillows off his nightstand (and then run for cover as this terrified him) and Zella jumped off hers straight into the litterbox where she proceeded to kick up kitty litter everywhere! Zella headed back under the bed at that point - althought she did make one more appearance where she jumped up in front of my face on the bed.....thought it was Joey but there was enough light from outside to see that Zella was getting a bit braver and had jumped up on her own. Joey proceeded to pull over another pile of pillows in an effort to get up to the window without any covering. Keep in mind....Joey's in constant meowing mode at this point. About 5am I decide to OPEN the bedroom door...I didn't really want them wandering the house by themselves for the first time - but figured at that point it was worth a try to get some sleep. The meowing stopped almost instantly, and I don't THINK either of them ventured outside. They instead let me sleep until nearly 10 to make up for keeping me up all night.

Joey is now coming out from under the bed when I call him out (provided I'm in the room with him) and he'll let me pick him up. I did take him about halfway down the stairs before he started to get scared and ran back up. He seemed particularly intrigued by the window at the top of the stairs so I may need to get a little perch for him for that window. He bolted back to the bedroom and although he keeps looking into the hallway with great fascination he won't venture past the threshold. While these antics were going on this morning Zella did venture out to make it to the litter box and back letting me get a couple of shots of her. They're only next to each other under the bed so no together shots just yet. AND Blogger isn't letting me post the pics right now so those will come later!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My new babies!

Meet Joey (on the right) and Zella (on the left). I'll post more pictures once I coax them out from under the bed!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


This is the dress I bought (in these colors too because they didn't have the other combination I wanted). I got those shoes too...they're the strappy sandels in the light blue (cornflower) color. I also bought the little silk clutch in the cornflower...and instead of a bow I bought the cornflower silk flower to put their. Plus the flower actual comes with a pin and a clip in case you want to clip it into your hair! Super cute! I figured I might look for some pretty cornflower colored yarn and knit up a little wrap or shrug to go with it in case it gets cool since that wedding is on a yacht in Newport Harbor. BTW...the shoes are actually pretty comfortable too! I was a little nervous but they're nice!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Two things to plug! those of you who know me know that when I really love something I talk lots about it....well I've recently discovered two great things and want to share!!!

The first is the "celebrations" collection from Ann Taylor. Its a whole line of dresses, suits, separates and accessories in the same colors that are all coordinatated to match. You can actually pick from their web site to see head to toe looks and customize a dress. I had read about this in a magazine a few months back but had yet to see one of the few stores that have it I went online. I liked it so much I actually ordered (way ahead of time I might add) my outfit for a friends wedding this summer. It arrived today and I LOVE how all of it looks together! I'll be the prettiest girl at the wedding...after the bride of course! Anyway, check it out at

The other amazing thing I've found is the Mr. Clean magic eraser. Now this has been out a while..but living in an apartment I never had any interest. But with all the delivery people, and the builder, in and out of my new house some of my walls were getting VERY scuffed up. So I picked up a magic eraser at super walmart this weekend...and let me just say...its a MIRACLE worker. I thought for sure I'd have to repaint all those walls to cover up the marks (which lets face it...I was probably going to do anyway to get rid of the cheap ass bulders paint)...but now I can wait longer to do it! ALL my marks are gone!!!! The box says it works on cleaning up all kinds of stuff....and my only complaint was it didn't last as long as I'd thought it would...of course...I did clean a LOT of wall space with maybe it did.

Anyway...that's all for now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


How upset I am right now....tickle me elmo's batteries died (and how weird that it just happened to mom's over the holidays) and I don't have ANY AA batteries charged!!! I'm devistated! oh battery charger please hurry!!!!

and yes..I know what you're 28 years old I have a tickle me elmo...actually...I have TWO! One of the original's bought off ebay who has traveld the carribean with me...and one of the newer ones released only like 4 years ago.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


working appliances finally!!!! doing my OWN laundry in my OWN washing machine!!! YEAH!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Hah! Jury Duty!

Figures Contra Costa County would call me for jury duty AFTER I move out of California! I better hurry up and get a utility bill at this address so can send them proof that I no longer live in CA!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Well I WAS.....

Going to post pictures of the snowfall here in Harrisburg......but it must have been warm here today (who knows I was in Philly) because more than half the snow is melted! I can see like 60% of my lawn again! Not that I'm complaining mind you....its melting so fast it hasn't had time to get all nasty and slushy which I HATE!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I knew I'd be punished for having 3.5 years in sunny CA!

I woke up to 6 inches of snow this morning...and its STILL snowing. Just spent the last 45 minutes shoveling my driveway. I figured even though its still snowing it would be easier to do it now and then have less to do later. I think my next major purchase will be a snow blower!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Why can't things just work?

So both my fridge and washer (brand new) need to be replaced. The new fridge came today but I can't get the washer until next week Saturday because I scheduled meetings all week. AND I bought two refurbished tivo's from tivo and NEITHER of them is working either! And the tivo discussion boards have only a handful of references to this problem and none of them include the solution. And I've been on the phone with the tivo people for almost an hour already!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sorry so few posts!

The movers came today to deliver my stuff but I won't get my cable/internet hooked up til Friday. I'll post more then! Having to pick up wi-fi whereever I can to keep up with work stuff and not a lot of time for other stuff!

Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm officially a homeowner!!!!!!!

YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!! Painting the guest room tonight for all you visitors!!!! Pictures to come!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Another week of homelessness down!

Alas another week has passed...and WHAT a week its been!

Tuesday I traveled from Harrisburg down to Baltimore for a meeting the rest of the week. A meeting with no cell phone or laptop usage allowed during session....which was quite a pain considering I'm still shuffling the movers, appliance delivery's, final inspection & closing times, etc. Meeting was great...a good chance to bond with all of my coworkers and a GREAT hotel! Wednesday we got a special tour of the Baltimore Raven's stadium (MB&T I think its called). Thursday the Baltimore Aquarium opened up JUST for our group. We had the whole place to explore plus a nice dinner. Then we all went over to the ESPN Sports Zone - and then some of us continued onto some Piano Bar. Despite the long night of drinking I was doing great until one particular coworker of mine showed up. We'll call him "B". B and I actually go WAY back...we went to college together....started our same jobs at the same time....lots of friends in common...lots of general silliness. Well...B is not only quite the drinker...but he wants to make sure that everyone else is having a good time too...namely ME. Every damn time I see this guy he gets me totally wasted and we end up hanging out in one of our hotel rooms til all hours of the night. This trip was no exception...though I supposed I should be glad we didn't end up at the Hustler club like my last trip to Baltimore in which we were hanging out. Anyway....everyone scattered from the Piano Bar randomly. Somehow we all got separated as we were trying to walk back to the hotel (which by the way - NONE of us knew were it was and everyone was pretty equally wasted). I was walking with another new friend and we had to stop in another hotel so he could ASK where our hotel was (We heard the next morning this was a fairly common occurance that evening from our group). Anyway...after we leave that hotel we happen to run into B and a couple more folks from our group (none of which know where they are going either). So then B and I are walking along and he suggests we take this nice shortcut down a 3 foot drop. In my drunken state I of course did not drop down properly...and ended up with my entire backside (yes I mean ENTIRE from shoulder to feet) covered in mud. Oh yeah...and I forgot to mention...its POURING rain and NO one has umbrellas and only a handful even have coats! we continue to walk (now quite muddy) towards were we THINK the hotel is....all the while looking for another bar to stop in (remember I'm still adjusting to eastern time so I'm drunk AND wired!). No bar...but we do make it back to the hotel finally. We all scatter...I'm back in my room taking out my contacts and getting out of my really wet muddy clothes when the phone rings. And yes....its B. Now I hesitate to call this a booty call...because despite how drunk we usually are...we haven't really messed arond in like 4 years....but I suppose technically it was because usually we do a lot of cuddling and make out a little bit during these adventures. Well...this time was my time to go find his room so I wander in my drunkeness down two flights of stairs in my pjs to find B's room. Thank GOD we were the last ones back at the hotel because I hate think what would have happened had anyone seen me creeping along. Anyway...we ended up being up til 3:30am before I finally headed back to my room to get a total of THREE hours of sleep before our meeting started Friday morning. And yes in case you're wondering....NEITHER of us felt very good that day!

Anyway, that was my fun meeting. Friday I drove to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Virginia because we can't do the inspection on the house til Monday so rather than sitting in a hotel in Harrisburg by myself I decided to come down here and hang for stuff for my place etc. SO....I'm off to Starbucks and to start spending some money! Hope you all had a GREAT week!