Thursday, January 04, 2007

I love having a Garage!

Especially one that my CAR fits in!!!!!

I've started this new thing where I go for a brisk walk in the morning wearing my MBT shoes and carrying some small weights. Believe it or not, I'm up and walking around 6:30am - and try to walk for a half hour. So I've noticed the last few chilly mornings all the frosted over cars, people coming out to start their cars so they'll defrost, and people scraping. And the whole time I've been SOOO thankful for my garage.

I mean - when I left the house to head to work at 8am - it was 32degrees out. So imagine it was at least a few degrees colder at 6:30am. And I've NEVER had a garage to park a car in I used to be one of those people that was standing outside scraping...or starting the car 20 minutes early so it would defrost and warm up on its own WITHOUT me having to do the scraping. And even last winter I didn't get to take advantage of my garage...because there was so much stuff EVERYWHERE inside that my car didn't fit! But not anymore....and I'm in love with my garage!

Now if only I can move up to a house with a TWO car garage so that I can park inside AND have plenty of storage space. And maybe a smaller car so I can fit it without having to touch the storage boxes in front of the garage (I've already had one accident with that that left some lovely marks on my hood thanks to 4 storage containers coming down on the car!).

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