Monday, January 08, 2007

Tivo2Go for Mac OSX!!!!!

Now...those of you that know me know that I LOVE my tivo! And several of you know how much I love my mac. But I've been seriously dissapointed this past year that I could not use the famed Tivo2Go program to transfer stuff from my tivo to my mac - like I could with my laptop. Which I didn't even KNOW when I got my mac.....and when I got my new tivo's last February I intentially didn't order the ones with the built in DVD burner because I figured the new Imac had a DVD burner and I could just Tivo2Go and burn from there. And I was SOOOO upset when I learned I could not do it. And tivo's web site has just said "its coming" for ever. I got excited when I found out a beta version of it was shown at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show...but all of 2006 passed with no Tivo2Go for Mac.

Fast forward to today, and Macworld starting. And I get an email from Roxio, that the new Toast 8 Titantium contains Tivo2Go for Mac OSX!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm downloading my very first tivo recording as we speak...and this means I'll be able to transfer stuff from my Tivo's to my IPOD to watch on the road. I'm so excited right now!!!!!!


el walto said...

God how I love technology! Long live the gadgets!!!

Julienne said...

Matt wants this..