Friday, October 27, 2006

My street finally exists!!!!

I drove right past it and missed it...but then I was standing in front of a little window in my bedroom and looked outside... I have a STREET sign!!!!! No more confusion with local delivery drivers....I can order pizza again...I can order chinese more missed package deliveries because they can't find me.

Only bad thing is a stop sign too.....oh well....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Look at my pretty pumpkin!

We had a pumpking carving party for my office last weekend. Look at my masterpiece!!!


Shortly after posting my last entry (gotta love the broadband air cards for laptops) we FINALLY got moving..... a few folks that were part of our group and also trying to get to the hotel fell asleep in their cards (so did two of our passengers) and the highway patrol woke them up to start moving. I was in my hotel room about 12:30am (some didn't get in til 1am)....and we had to leave again at 7am for the meeting....and then they thermostat was set at 60degrees the whole I got home yesterday tired, cold, and cranky....

Seriously though..the air card....that late at night we couldn't find a traffic report on the it was nice to be able to go online and see what the problem was causing the accident...even if we had no way to get around it...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tomorrows gonna suck......

So I'm down in Baltimore right now...we had a social event this evening and a meeting starting again at 7am....we left the meeting at 10pm on the free way.....only to stop about 5 miles later...turns out there's a jack knifed big rig and a fuel spill...about 0.5 miles ahead of us .....we've now been sitting for almost 2 hours.....stay tuned....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ladies...this ones for you...

Jean Finder

The site in the above link will ask you some questions and then recommend blue jeans for you...including size recommendations. Kinda cool....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This is so awesome...I know (well I knew) one of the actors in in this commercial, Parvesh Cheena. He went to my high school...he even had a tiny part in my student directed one act play. I love seeing him on TV (I've seen him pop up on ER and The West Wing...and I think in a Tmobile commercial) or the big screen (he was in both Barbershop movies) - there's something just really cool about seeing someone you know....

Anyway....his myspace mentioned he'd gotten this commercial....I've started seeing it on TV a probably have too....but I wanted to share it anyway because I crack up every time I see it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Okay...probably the first exciting thing has happened since I moved to Harrisburg...I've been eagerly awayting this day...and it finally arrived.

My new Target opened!!!!!

Before I had to drive like 10 miles through some windy roads (or on the freeway in ridiculous traffic for this tiny burg). But now, just 1.5 miles away, is a brand new, jumbo target! And as if that wasn't great has a Starbucks in it...thats right folks...I now live by TWO starbucks! Hard to imagine those days of having them on every corner....but I have two!

And...they sent me a coupon in the I got $5 off today since I'm a "new neighbor". I picked up lots of goodies..including some groceries...since they had a great selection of that stuff....and more importantly...I started my Christmas shopping and picked up a game "Apples to Apples" for the Nelson familly...since we play all the games at their house on holiday's I thought that would be a good gift for them.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm so tired!

So I'm staying at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia for a meeting right now. You'd think it would be amazing..and my room is pretty awesome. The bed is great. The bath products are the same line from Bulgari that we had at Mandalay Bay when I went with Ann and Amanda. BUT...There's a problem. I don't know if there's a crazy high crime rate in philly or what...but the police sirens ALL NIGHT LONG kept my whole meeting from getting any sleep last night! And we're here tonight again too. I'm in desperate need of some ear plugs!!!!

On a happier note...the Coach Legacy line, celebrating the 65th anniversary is officially in stores. I couldn't get everything I wanted, because Mom is buying some things for christmas/birthday. But I did pick up a couple of beautiful things outside her price range.