Sunday, April 30, 2006

My national tv debut

So my mom just called to tell me she saw me in Extreme Makeover...I hadn't started watching yet so I selected it from my tivo's "now playing" list. Its about 10 minutes into the second episode tonight. After the guys try their steaks then they go back to buy whole boxes of them. When Paul is getting the box you can definitely see me behind him. Then they did a shot from the side as he's walking away and you can see me and a co-worker. As the camera pulls out you can't tell its me anymore...but my purse really stands out against my black coat!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Smokin hot actor!

Okay...I've been watching this guy on two different shows and thinking how smokin hot he is...and I just recently put together that its the same guy!!!! Name is Matthew Del Negro and he's been on The West Wing and Beautiful People. You also may recognize him from some time he spent on the Sopranos a while back. Bummer West Wing is over this year!!!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

YEAH for a SALE!

So...a few weeks back I got an email from about a new piece to the Walt Disney Classics Collection.....

Since Sebastian is my favorite..and my favorite song from the little mermaid is Les Poisons, I had to order this piece right away. When it arrived, it came like NEXT day...and I looked at the return address and noticed it came from someplace right across the river. Because it had been a while since I added to my WDCC I started looking around online...and low and behold I found that the membership piece for 2006 was Ariel!

Now the only way to join the club is in person, so I looked for my authorized dealer..and wouldn't you know the only one is the same place where Chef Louis shipped from. I knew I'd have to head over, but as of yet I'd not figured out exactly where this place was. Then this week while out with coworkers I spotted it. So yesterday I was in the area and decided to go sign up for my membership and get my Ariel. Turned out the store also had another members only piece for this year, Scuttle in stock so I picked him up as well.

While they were writing up my paperwork and getting my figurines I decided to look around. Low and behold I made my way back to where they actually have all the WDCC stuff (the store was MASSIVE and full of great collectibles) I see a sign that says all WDCC are 33% off!!!! And in the case is:

Now normally its $300 for the bride and groom and another $50 for the base. But since it was on sale (at an UNHEARD of price) I got Ariel, Scuttle, Ariel & Eric, and the base for what I would have paid for JUST Ariel and Eric!!!!! And although I totally was NOT intending to spend anything other than the $50 for the membership to get my Ariel before she sold could I not pass up 33% off....particularly when 2 of the 3 pieces I need to finish my Little Mermaid WDCC collection only sell on secondary market and each go for $600 if you can locate them.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition April 30

Okay...TV Guide updated their listings and my co-workers and I believe the show we'll be on is airing on April 30th. Check your local listings. Mine show its 2 one hour episodes right after the other. Watch for me when they are out buying their cheesesteaks (I'll be at Pat's right behind the dude buying the steaks).

Friday, April 14, 2006

Recent Coach Purchases

So here are some of my recent purchases. The patchwork purse, bracelet and keyfob were a few weeks back. The brown business tote and teddy bear ( I got the pink) were purchased with my 25% off coupon (along with some flip flops not shown here).

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Okay..I'm SERIOUSLY behind on my blogging....all I can say is now that I drive a lot again, rather than flying, I have a lot of long days in the car...and I'm just too tired when I get home.

Here are the highlights....

My uncle does have cirrhosis of the liver. Luckily its early stage so all he has to do is stop drinking. I say "all he has to do" as opposed to having a liver transplant...which he probably wouldn't have gotten given his numerous other health issues... But not drinking will not be easy for my uncle...I wouldn't call him an alcoholic...but he spent 20+ years in the navy...he likes his beer. Anyway..the drs said after a few months the liver should start regerating itself some and my uncle seems to be doing MUCH better already.

Julienne inspired me to go to I signed up there last week. I also bought a pair of the MBT shoes that Ann raves on the day's I'm not at Curves I'm taking a nice walk around my hilly neighborhood in my MBTs. I'm also wearing them out and about on get that little something extra. I'm debating whether I want to wear them on my visit to Hersheypark this weekend or not. They're super cushiony...but I'm not sure I want to work my legs out that much all day! Anyway....I'm working on creating my workout habit...which is MUCH needed as my weight has hit an all time high. Its no wonder with all the stress I've been through the last 6 months what with my job, Chloe, appendix, getting transferred, buying a house, starting the new job. But its time I got my butt in gear....LITERALLY! So I thank Julienne for joining Curves because that finally made ME go check it out! (btw Julienne....I could SWEAR I was working out with you today...girl at my curves looked freakishly like you!).

What else is new with me...job is going far I seem to be getting along GREAT with all the folks I need to work with OUTSIDE my company. Not sure I'm crazy about most of the people in my office though...hopefully that gets better soon.

I joined the local chapter of here in Harrisburg. Its no "east bay 20s 30s social club" but its pretty cool and I've met some super nice folks.

Apparently I was getting TOO comfortable with stairs again finally (lord knows its only been 2.5 years since that fateful night in San Ramon) because I was a dumbass Saturday night and fell down the stairs at home....luckily I've at least learned the instinct to grab the railing now before I go down face first....I caught myself immediately and did slide down about 5 stairs on my knees....and skin my elbow against the wall, and rip open a couple of fingers from gripping and sliding down the banister....but considering what I looked like LAST time I feel down the stairs it was nothing. I even went walking Sunday and to Curves Monday. Just have some pretty bruises and scrapes to show for myself. But I kept all my teeth this time!!!!!

Tonight I went out and planted some flowers in my landscaping...and started some potted tomato plants. Without Chloe to chow down on the tomatos this year I may actually get to eat some! Although I'll miss seeing her devious looks at me as she snuck them off the vines before.

The kitties and I are doing great...although they've been a little goofy this week since my aunt and uncle's dog Heidi made her first appearance since they came home with me. They weren't too happy..but I know once they spend more time together they'll get along great.

Oh yeah...and the weird thing going on in my life right stepmom emailed me last week to ask me if I could come home for my little sisters birthday..and if I could they would send me the ticket. My dad and stepmom have NEVER asked me to even come home....and the only time they've ever given me a plane ticket was when I was in college and my grandma died...because I couldn't afford the ticket to Maryland where the funeral was. Anyway...still waiting for the ticket to show up...but apparently they want to surprise my sister with me coming home that weekend. Seems a bit strange as its not even a particularly momentus birthday (she'll be 12) but its a free trip home and since its only a 2 hour flight these days I figure its worth it.

That's all for now...I'm famished so time for me to make some dinner.