Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Traveling Cats

So I'm trying to figure out what to do with the cats over Christmas...since I'm thinking I'll be in Chicago 2-3 weeks....and with our office on shutdown..my admin won't be close by to come check on them..... Working on the parents to see if they can come home with me. Was PLANNING on DRIVING home. But I think Zella wants to go UPS....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My life is too boring too blog about lately...so.....

Here's 30 questions stolen from my friend Carolyn:

1. What is in your left pocket?
No pockets...changed into my pjs when I got home....is that bad at 6pm? I mean...I've been in them a couple hours now!

2. How much alcohol did you have this weekend?
None...I was a hermit this weekend except for a movie Saturday.

3. Do you eat gas station food?
Snack stuff sometimes...

4. Ever drive all night to get to someone?
HEHE...yep...summer after freshman year. This girl I'd just met through a friend and I decided to drive to peoria to see this guy I'd started seeing right before school got out. I told my mom I was staying at the other girls house and we drive down to P-town. Got there around 3am...stayed for breakfast and drove back. We were so tired we ended up pulling over on I-55 to sleep for an hour!

5. Is Napoleon Dynamite actually a good movie?
Not my kind of movie....

6. Do people that scream into their cell phones annoy you?
Except when I'm the one screaming......

7. What color underwear do you have on?
Black! ;)

8. Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?
Carpet and linoleum. Maybe I'll replace the linoleum with pergo or something before its time to sell.

9. Do you sit or stand in the shower?
Usually stand...but I have two lovely seats that come in handy for when I need to shave. Or I imagine will be nice to sit on when I'm hungover ... haven't drank enough to test that one out since I bought the house!

10. Could you live with roommates?
Only when they have 4 legs and fur.

11.) How many pair of flip flops do you own?
Um....lets see....pink havianas, blue havianas, white havians, silver havianas, black tevas, black nikes, black sparkly, silver birks, black birks, green nikes, how many is that????

12.) Where were you born?
Blue Island, IL

13.) What is your drug of choice?

14.) Ever been to rehab/jail?
Does it count when they locked us up in the jail cell when I was visiting the jail with my brownie troop? The did fingerprint us that trip....

15.) Highest level of school completed?
A few grad school classes before getting moved to CA

16.) Last time you had a run in with the cops?
HM...got pulled over in Oregon about a year and a half ago...I think that was the last time.

17.) Where do you work? Or go to school? Or are you a bum?
I know better than the use my companies name in my blog...but last time the list came out I think we were a fortune 100 company. I'm a marketing rep for them. Definitely not a bum...I think the 60 hours a week I work takes care of that!!!

18.) What do you want to be when you grow up?
Any suggestions?

19.) How cool are you?
Probably not so cool...but I like to think I am!

20.) Who is number 1 on your top 8 (on myspace)? Why?
Bev...she knows why

21.) What cell phone service do you have?
Sprint for now..but I'm seriously considering a sidekick when my plan is up in November..which would mean a switch to tmobile.

22.) How often do you get on myspace?
pretty much every day since I finally joined.

23.) How many people are on your friends list? How many do you actually know?
Real friends and not bands??? Probably like 16 or 17...I know then all...but some I haven't seen/talked to for a very LONG time!

24.) When did you join MySpace? Why?
After I moved away from Cali....great way to keep track of my friends there! Especially since Friendster kinda died when Myspace got huge (though I love that Friendster still sends me all your birthday reminders even though none of us use it like we used to!).

25.) What kind of car do you drive? How many miles does it have?
Company car....not enough miles on it to get a new one for a while.....2005 Buick Lacrosse....28000

26.) What is your dream car?
Anything that's not a company car!!! No....Probably a Mercedes M class....

27.) What is your favorite pet's name?
I can't possibly choose between Joey and Zella... but honestly...as much as I love them.... I'd still put my dear sweet Chloe down. Its hard sitting at my desk sometimes at work where I have the beautiful collage of all you Cali folks that Amanda gave me for my birthday last year (because I miss you all)...and my Chloe pictures. I still can't believe she's not with me anymore.

28.) If you could have sex with one celebrity, who would it be?
Michael Vartan

29.) Have you ever been called "spoiled"?
Yeah...but I'm really not....I don't get nearly the benefit of a rich dad that my siblings too...damn me for telling him what I think of him!

30.) What was the last package you received?
A replacement power cord for my laptop....exciting huh?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well it was bound to happen eventually....

That fateful night in November 2003 when I took a little tumble down a big flight of nasty stairs has claimed another victim. Monday I had my very first root canal. What surprised me is that it was NOT one of the fractured teeth that required it...but the only front tooth that did NOT fracture. The signs however, were exactly as Dr. Chin said they would be....the tooth was rapidly turning a dark color. Both the dentist and the endontic specialist said the reason it was THAT tooth that turned was because of the impact it took that night..WITHOUT fracturing. The damage was so severe I had to go to a specialist for the root canal. Luckily...due to his skill it was a FAST 1 hour in and out procedure. And fortunately...because its a front tooth the dentist is working to restore the tooth without a CROWN. We're doing a "walking bleach". They left a hole in the back of the tooth..and every 2 weeks we're putting some bleach INSIDE the tooth...then packing it with cotton and putting on a temporary filling. We'll do this for the next 2 months until the tooth is back to a "normal" color. Or perhaps lighter since we also plan to whiten the rest of my teeth when we redo my other dental work.

I must say...if you need a root canal ... you should definitely opt for a specialist in Endontics.... Not that I'm particularly afraid of dentists after all the work I had done to fix my mess of a mouth....but I definitely get a bit shaky when getting worked on now... And the specialist made the whole thing quite easy.