Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year End Spending I did a bad job of keeping track when I was at home...but I only used cash, and I only had $350 when I left Pennsylvannia - and I came back with about $ you do the math. I'll be back to keeping track again now!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

12 year olds! YUCK!

And people wonder why I don't want kids....well....its more because I'm afraid of kids like my little brother....but this contributes....

I'm very annoyed by my littlest sister at the present time. Those of you that know me well, know I've been concerned for sometime at how she would grow up. She's quite spoiled, and my dad and stepmom provide almost NO discipline (ie - failing science class - is told she's grounded - but still gets to watch tv, use the computer, use the xbox, and have friends over. Oh...and if she pulls her grades up to a C then she gets a cell phone of her very own). My sister has always acted quite differently around me than she does around her mom and dad - because at a VERY early age I taught her that I would not tolerate poor behavior. I'm talking...when the kid was like 2 and she smacked me while I was carrying her through a shopping mall - I set her down on the ground and told her if she would hit she had to walk. And thats the last time the child struck me.

Lately I've been growing more concerned though. My sister is now 12 years old. At one point this year when she was mad at my parents and sister she just didn't come home one night. Her logic was, no one would know she was missing anyway (sadly that was true). But when she did return at 4pm the next day - there wasn't even a big fuss of any type made about it. Then in October she came out to visit me and we spent the weekend ind Philly. My stepmom had given her the cell phone so that we could keep track of her in the airports because she was flying alone (and without airline escort) for the first time. I was apalled at the complete lack of cell phone manners. We'd be in a museum in a theater that specifically said to turn off all light emitting devices....but still she'd open it up to talk or message. I made a comment to my dad about that the same weekend and he didn't really say anything. Then LAST weekend we were in Chicago for the day, and my sister had my stepmom's cell in her pocket. We went to the theater and then to a VERY nice french restaurant for a long dinner. She got up from dinner and dissappeared to the bathroom for a good 10 minutes - and my other sister and stepmom commented that she must be on the cell phone. I said something about the poor cell manners to my stepmom then, who said that unfortunately kids learn how to be mature with things like cell phones by using them, and that as her big sister I should try to teach her proper behavior. Isn't that her parents job?? So then my sister comes BACK from dinner and after a few minutes the cell rings and she answers it right at the table. I'd had enough of it then and told her to close the phone immediately, which she did. But when we discussed later that I wasn't mad at her, but the cell phone at dinner was completely innapropriate she actually said to me "Whatever".

And of course probably the thing that prompted my rant in the first place - her attitude this week. The day we were in Chicago last weekend I'd actually been home a whole week at that point. She asked when I got home, and when she found out I'd been home a week she was upset that she hadn't seen me yet. I reminded her that she'd been in school all week (to which she said "oh yeah") and that we'd have all of THIS week to hang out....because normally when I'm home I spend every day with her when she's not in school. So on Monday when I was leaving to head to spend the remainder of Chistmas Day with my mom, I asked what the plan was for the week. She said she hadn't made I told her to call me when she woke up on Tuesday because I didnt' want to drive out while she was still asleep. Tuesday she calls me at noon and tells me she's too TIRED and I shouldn't come over. I remindered her that she was leaving on Thursday for Wisconsin, and I wouldn't be in Illinois still when she got back. She responded that we'd still have Wednesday to see each other. And then she never called on Wednesday...and now she's gone and I leave to go back to PA on Saturday morning.

I know that any child I have wouldn't be the same, because I would certainly not let them grow up the way my sister has....but this still demonstrates to me that my patience is not improving with age.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Very Merry Coach Christmas

I did get some non-Coach items for Christmas as well...but this is what I'm particularly excited about this Christmas!

This first pic is my square legacy stripe scarf (it was a surprise gift!) along with the Legacy Striped Katy Travel Tote.

Next is some of my accesories: Legacy Stripe Ipod Case, Legacy Stripe Hair Scarf, Star Loop Cell Phone Lanyard.
You can see the Ipod case and Cell Lanyard again, along with two pairs of gloves I got, the ones on the left are the ones I actually asked for. The second pair came from my mom (funny enough I bought her the exact same ones!) and will get exchanged at the outlet for something else since I don't need two pairs of black leather gloves!.
And all my new babies together!

Friday, December 22, 2006

12/21/06 Spending

$15 at JoAnn Fabrics on more finishing touches for Christmas presents and stuff for holiday cupcakes
$25 on groceries
$6.50 to see The Holiday - very cute

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

12/20/06 Spending


Happy Again!

My replacement purse came yesterday! Yeah!!!!!! It seems a little dirty so I'm taking some time to clean it...but very happy to have it back!

12/19/06 Spending

$20 for dinner at STir Crazy YUMMY!
$50 on groceries

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

12/18/06 Spending

$28.95 on Visa gift card for christmas present
$26.28 on more crafting supplies for Christmas presents
$11.21 at Bath and Body for Christmas present
$4.30 at Taco Bell for lunch

Sunday, December 17, 2006

12/17/06 Spending

$14 on lunch at Red Robin
$20 on assorted supplies at Jo Ann FAbrics to finish off Christmas presents

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sad for now...but will be better soon!

So my new Coach legacy leather shoulder bag in the dusty rose (see October 1 blog entry) is defective. I noticed earlier this week that the turnlock was missing....I knew coach would take care of it as soon as I could get into a store...and was more bummed that I couldn't use it for a while.

Mom decided we needed to go to OakBrook after my long day in the car so I could walk around some - so we brought the purse into the Coach store there. Unfortunately they'd just sold out of it in that color earlier in the week. BUT...a nearby store had they processed a return on my damaged bag and are having the replacement shipped to my mom's house for me. They say it will ship Monday and I should have it 2 days after that. YEAH! I was afraid they'd be sold out and it would have to get sent back for repairs and then it would be WEEKS before I got it back.....but instead i'll have a brand new bag in just a few days....... And some of you wonder why I spend so much money on Coach!

12/16/06 Spending

UG! What a long day...drove from Harrisburg to Naperville....exactly 700 miles from my garage to my mom's driveway.

$6.01 at starbucks for venti cinnamon latte and diet coke
$5 for breakfast at McD's
$8.95 for the Ohio Turnpike
$5 for lunch at McD's
$4.15 for the Indiana Turnpike
$.80 for the Illinois Tollway before I realized my EZ Pass works with Ipass
$35 at Sephora for face wash
$45 at Walgreens for contact solution, cleaner, a GIANT remote control (christmas present) and milk for mom's house

I also had tolls on the PA turnpike and 2 more in Illinois..but not sure how much they were since I used the EZpass.

Friday, December 15, 2006

12/15/06 Spending

$4.97 for lunch at McD's

Office Remodel

So....we started remodeling our office a few weeks back...and we're kinda stuck because our new cubes/furniture which was suppsoed to be delivered this MIA. The furniture dropped off temporary desks...but look how funny it looks..... I just need a partner.....

Your Kissing Technique Is: Perfect

Your kissing technique is amazing - and you know it.
You have the confidence to make the first move.
And you always seem to know what kissing style is going to work best.
Sometimes you're passionate, sometimes you're a tease. And you're always amazing!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

12/14/06 Spending

$6.25 for breakfast at starbucks
$54.95 for visa gift card for my admin who is looking in on Joey and Zella while I'm away for the holidays
$16 on bowling and drinks

12/13/06 Spending

$6.05 for breakfast at Starbucks

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

12/12/06 Spending

$28.50 at UPS Store to ship Christmas presents and buy stamps
$80 at Salon for Highlights and Cut - including a larger than normal $25 tip for the holidays
$19.07 for Netflix

Monday, December 11, 2006

Boy am I it really only Monday?

So....I've been to 4 days of various holiday parties now..... Friday and today were luncheon's that were work related. Saturday was my office Christmas party, and Sunday was the Christmas party. To top that off...I spent the weekend with a KILLER headache...and had an emergency vet visit on Friday.

Where to begin....Tuesday of last week I got home late..and noticed Joey's one eye wasn't open all the way....occasionally I see that...but usually a few minutes later its I didn't worry too much. Wed AM I noticed he still wasn't opening all the way...but had a long day away and by the time I was home to check on him it was too late to call the vet. Now....just the eye not opened may not seem like a big deal....but he's been sleeping a LOT more than normal lately...and he was snoring a lot LAST weekend when he was I was a bit worried. When I called the vet on Tuesday...they couldn't get me in until Friday....I wasn't thrilled...but I took it. Thursday I had a CRAZY long meeting...7:30am til after 6pm...with almost no I was BEAT when I came home...but did notice the eye was looking a little better. Friday morning his eye looks fine...but I decided better safe than off to the vet we go. Where for $35 I learn that if I hadn't told the vet anything was wrong she would have said he's perfectly whatever it was it had passed. Unfortunately she ALSO told me he has a tooth he needs pulled....she didn't want to do it right away in case he HAD been I have that too look forward to in a few months.

Saturday I was maybe supposed to meet some folks to see Apocolypto early afternoon -so I had enough time to make my mac and cheese and get to my bosses house...but I woke up with a KILLER to vomit bad. So I spent most of the day sleeping, woke up to make my mac and cheese, when back to sleep, showered and took off for the party. And although I was a little better by party time...I really wasn't in the mood....and the night just seemed to drag on.

Sunday was my meetin Christmas party...I was still in serious headache mode...and knew I wouldn't be drinking due to an early day Monday....but I went and had a pretty good time. We definitely took some extremely silly pics that I cannot wait to see. And I stayed at the party way later than I'd allowing for my "settle down" time and laundry time...I didn't crawl into bed until 11pm..and despite my aromatheraphy sleep patch...I think I got about 4 hours of sleep last night.

Today I was in the car by 6am for the three hour drive to Pittsburgh. I had morning meetings, another Christmas luncheon....and then more fun. The folks needing to be at my afternoon meeting didn't bring what they needed to lunch...and the VP didn't want to do our meeting at their location...which meant that they didn't even get back to have our meeting until almost 3pm. So......the whole time I'm annoyed that that means I'll be on the road later than I wanted...and at the same time..the one girls computer the whole time I'm annoyed...I don't even know if we're going to be able to DO what we were supposed to during our meeting. Finally the arrived (minus working computer) and we got through SOME of what we needed to least as much as they were prepared for...and I got on the road by 4:45 for the three hour drive back to Harrisburg.

Thank God tomorrow is an office day, and the office is still closed for rennovations...which means tomorrow is a HOME office day. It will give me time to rest up before having to be near DC for a 7:15am meeting on Wednesday! Hm....better get Michelle and Mandy's christmas presents in the mail tomorrow too!

12/11/06 Spending


12/10/06 Spending

$27 at Target

12/09/06 Spending

$29 for Curves

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday, December 08, 2006

Some of my Christmas projects

So I got asked this week to share some of my recent knitted here are some pictures.

The first is a little purse I knitted and then felted for my little sister for Christmas. For those of you who don't know what I mean by felted.....have you ever accidentally shrunk a sweater in the wash? That's felting!!!!! You agitate your wool knitting in very hot water and the fibers grab onto each other and shrink up. This purse was twice the size before felting!

The next picture is one of the felted poinsettia's I made. I actually have a few finishing things to do to these...but I made several and have some pins I want to put on the back so they can be pinned on to show holiday spirit. I'm giving away I think 5 of these for Christmas this year. Tey were actually made in 4 separate pieces and then felted and then attached together (you were supposed to sew but I got lazy and glued!).

Hope you've enjoyed my knitting!!!

12/07/06 Spending

$51 on my student loan
$126.56 to comcast

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I wonder if this would have turned out this way if I hadn't lived with guys in college?

You Are 80% Boyish and 20% Girlish

You have a tough exterior - and usually a tough interior to match it.
You're no nonsense, logical, and very assertive.
Sometimes you can't understand women at all, even if you're a woman yourself.
You see things rationally, and don't like to let your emotions get the best of you.

12/06/06 Spending

$ 20 Dinner at Red Robin

I also called comcast and dropped my HBO and 30 of my digital channels - will save me about $20 a month.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

12/05/06 Spending

$49.95 for annual Myfico kit (gets you all three credit reports and credit score and some "coaching" on how to improve your credit scores)
$18.50 on set of 15 naturopatch sleep aid patches (

12/04/06 Spending

$73 at Ann Taylor (but only because I had a $25 of $50 purchase coupon and the dress pants were on clearance).

Also, I ended up with extra money IN my checking account yesterday! I decided to return a pair of shoes to Coach that I bought in NYC back in Sept and hadn't worn yet. Turns out I'd paid for them with my DEBIT card..not my credit I added $236 back into my account yesterday! Yeah me!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Advancing my knitting skills

So yesterday I hosted a Stitch n Bitch for my MeetIn group. There had been a request that a couple of people wanted to learn how to knit and I volunteered to teach....because I felt I could....and I'd been thinking it would be nice to have some girls in the area to start a Stitch and Bitch with.

So yesterday I had just one student. And she'd actually learned a couple of things from her mom before...including continental knitting. Now, I'd tried continental knitting once before...and I did something wrong that made all my stitches backwards....and I'd not attempted it again since then. We had our willing student let me show her how I did a purl stitch and she continued using continental method for her knit stitches. Before we finished I told her she was going to have to learn how to purl in continental and then she could teach me BOTH next time we got together.

So today...i was inspired...and did some experimenting and figured it out for myself, at least for knit stitches. YEAH ME! What's most using the "throw" method that I've always done, if I knit too long the pinky to middle finger on my left hand always go numb...and if I keep knitting them swell a bit as does my hand. When doing "continental" style left had stays perfect...and after a while my right hand gets a bit tingle and twitchy when I stop knitting for a minute to pick up the remote or something. And its not really the kind of thing you can switch back and forth on because then the gauge of what you're knitting (that means the number of stitches and rows that make up a 4x4 inch square) gets totally different because I tension the yarn differently from throw and continental methods.

Anyway...just wanted to share because I was so excited to have taught myself a new skill!!! I've attached some pics of the two methods for those that are interested.

Continental Method

"Throw" or English Method

Pictures from --  free knitting videos, forum, and patterns

12/03/06 Spending

$24 at Walmart on gift boxes, yarn for christmas gift projects, and pillow protectors (for felting knitted Christmas projects)
$60 electric bill
$110 to cingular for first month service and new acct activation fee

Saturday, December 02, 2006

12/02/06 Spending

$17 on more knitting needles for Christmas present projects
$103 at target on various cleaning supplies, personal items, a 27 foot lighted length of garland (for only $10!), and gift wrap.
$16 on dinner and comedy show

Friday, December 01, 2006

A little survey for those of you bored with my spending history....

69 Questions to Start the Winter.

1. Are you in a relationship?

2. If no, would you like to be?
um...I wouldn't avoid it if I met the right person, but I'm okay without it

3. How often do you visit your MySpace profile?
once or twice a week

4. What is your favourite candy bar?
hershey bar

5. What are your favorite shoes?
anything from coach!

6. Have you ever tripped going up steps?
yeah...but I hurt myself a lot worse when I fell down them

7. Where did you go on vacation last summer?
LA for Mandy's wedding

8. Would you bungee jump?

9. Do you own a Fallout Boy CD?
I don't buy CD's since itunes...but I do have some Fallout Boy songs downloaded

10. Do you like amusement parks?

11. Do you ride rollercoasters?
Hell yeah, and who'd have though the best coaster I've been on is right here in Hershey!

12. What is your current favorite CD?
The soundtrack to wicked (the entire thing) takes up most of my top 25 most played songs on my I'm gonna say that!

14. When was the last time you were in the ocean?
earlier this year on horseback, 2 thanksgivings ago in Maui was the last time my SKIN touched the ocean!

15. Do you like beer?

16. Would you kiss someone of the same sex?
does my mom count??

17. What is the most embarrassing CD you own?
A disney dance songs CD

18. Are you sarcastic?
I try..not sure I pull it off.....

19. Is there anything you wait for every summer?
not so much

20. In your opinion, what is the best summer smell?
flowers in bloom

21. Socks or sandals?

22. Who was the last person to go to the movies with you?
mom and I went to Happy Feet last weekend

23. What's one thing you really hope to do this winter?
make a serious dent in my debt

24. Do you like to go Mini-Golfing?

25. Are you moving this winter?
nope...will wait til NEXT winter

26. Are you going to be starting a new job this winter?
nope....again, next winter

27. Have you ever slapped someone?
I can't recall...but I feel like the answer should be yes....

28. Do you get poison ivy?
I never have.

29. Do you plan on going camping next summer?
prob not

30. What was the last restaurant you ate at?
Dang....Chilis at Ohare on Sunday....did I really not eat out once this week? I'm so impressed with myself!

31. Favorite pizza topping?
cheese, tomatoes, roasted garlic

32. Pants or shorts?

34. Do you use Chopsticks?
if the occasion calls for them

35. What's the last movie you watched?
most of Batman and Robin last Sunday

36. Are you currently fighting with anyone?

37. Are you too forgiving?
no-probably I'm not forgiving enough...I'm not big on second chances

38. How many pets do you have?
two currently.....joey and crazy black and white kitties

39. Own any clothing from Hot Topic?

40. What is your favorite breakfast?
Egg Beaters omlet with tomatoes, bacon, avocado, and cheese, with hashbrowns and a buttered english muffin

41. Where was the last place you drove?
to the coach outlet this afternoon

43. Where will you be in 24 hours?
probably at Doc Holliday's for dinner and a comedian

44. What did you do 3 nights ago?
watch tv and go to bed

45. Last time you went to a fancy restaurant?
early october, dad took me and little sis to the Capital Grille in Philly

46. Last thing you bought?
Coach gloves for mom for Christmas

47. Have you ever been in a foreign country, if so where?
yup..but only Mexico so far...hope to visit many more

48. Anywhere you want to visit?

49. What's the farthest you've ever traveled from home alone?
to Hawaii

50. What have you done today?
work work work work work, go to the coach outlet

51. Do you own something from a sex shop?
a few....

52. Are you thinking of someone right now?

53. Have you ever thrown something out of a moving car?
hehehehe...funny question...but no

54. Do you smoke cigarettes?

55. Would you date someone who smoked cigarettes?
I've kissed people who smoked before...but I don't think I could date someone who does.....the kissing experience was only bearable due to my extreme intoxication

56. Are you happy with your life right now?
its okay.....I'm not unhappy...but I could be a lot happier

57. Whats the last thing you ate?
lean cuisine lasagna and cupcakes

58. What's the next place you have to go?
Doc Hollidays tomorrow night...or if I bail then Cracker Barrel on Sunday

59. How many hours do you usually sleep per night?
7-9 depending on how I'm feeling

60. What's the next important date on your calendar?
Dec 16 when I leave for HOME for the holidays

61. Who last called you?
a co-worker

62. McDonald's or Burger King

63. Who last messaged you?

64. Are you closer to your mother or father?

65. Do you like to quote things?
I would...but I'm not good at pulling that stuff out to quote at a good time

66. Are you afraid of the dark?
Not the dark...but I am afraid of not seeing

67. Do you swear?
too much

68. What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?
a house

69. What should you be doing right now?
wrapping christmas presents and cleaning up around the house

12/01/06 Spending

$963.xx for primary mortgage payment
$64 for leather gloves at the coach outlet for mom for Christmas

Thursday, November 30, 2006

11/30/06 Spending

Today is pay day thank god! I had $2 cash in my wallet all week and was not allowing myself to get any more!!!! I even turned down dinner out with a friend this week until payday rather than getting more...I'm so proud of myself!

$120 on groceries that should get me through til I go home, including I picked up the supplies for food I need to bring to various holiday parties.

$1000 to my chase credit card
$14.92 to Verizon for my home phone (thinking I should cancel this line)
$25 at Color Me Mine on a gift for someone for Christmas

11/29/06 Spending

$00000 again....getting tired of soup for lunch though...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

11/28/06 Spending

$35 for Homeowners Association

11/27/06 Spending


11/26/06 Spending

$15 on breakfast at Chilis at Ohare
$2.78 on milk
$35 on parking at airport for 9 days (what a deal!)

11/25/06 Spending

$9.23 on mid afternoon lunch at Panda Express
$9.50 on movie tickets for Happy Feet

11/24/06 Spending

$4.00 on breakfast (and small donation to Ronald McDonald House) at McDs.
$110.69 at Ann Taylor Loft on sweater and jewelry for the theater that night!
$23.37 on new dress socks (6 pairs) at Target

Thursday, November 23, 2006

11/23/06 Spending

Nothing...its Turkey Day!!!

11/22/06 Spending

$196 on ugg slippers for dad and step mom for christmas
$7.00 on cat toys/dog bones for Christmas presents for Altoid, Redd, Squeakers, and Aria.
$4.25 on a gingerbread latte at starbucks
$9.15 on dinner at chipotle (why oh why doesn't chipotle open in Harrisburg?????)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

11/21/06 Spending

$50 on Thanksgiving groceries
$335.53 for my second mortgage payment (I wish these both got paid at the same time!)

Monday, November 20, 2006

11/20/06 Spending

$3.46 at McD's for breakfast
$11 for dinner at Chili's
$3.03 for milk

11/19/06 Spending

$4.57 at Panera for breakfast
$16.15 at Meijher on a rug for my brother for Christmas
$25.62 at Target on towelsfor my brother for Christmas

11/18/06 Spending

$6.50 at Starbucks at the HBurg airport for a latte and water.
$287 at Cingular on a new cell and blue tooth headset...there's a $50 rebate coming on this though.

Friday, November 17, 2006

11/17/06 Spending

$17.86 at UPS store to ship the last two items sold in ebay which I FINALLY got paid for
$10.66 on knitting needles for Christmas Present project

Thursday, November 16, 2006

11/16/06 Spending

$31 at CVS for packing tape, deodorant, shampoo, batteries and a magazine.
$21 at UPS store to ship more ebay sales
$87 at Tres Chic salon and day spa on my hair color and cut.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

11/15/06 Spending

UPS Store $9 to ship another sold purse
$6.67 for lunch
$.65 for some skittles for afternoon snack.

And..sold my old mini ipod on ebay for $108.25!!!! There was lots of crazy last minute bidding!
Also sold a pair of shoes...but for way less than I wanted to (or what I paid for the barely worn things).

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

11/14/06 Spending

$13 at Post Office for shipment of sold bags
$20 at UPS store for shipment of OTHER sold bags
$6.54 at starbucks for breakfast
$18.77 on water bill
$36 to capital one

11/13/06 Spending

$9.86 for lunch (and afternoon dessert) at Panera
$29 for Curves Membership (too bad I don't go)
$9 at UPS Store to ship sold purse

Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm in the money.....

Well..not really.... You know how McDonalds had Monopoly last month? Well...I'd gotten some stamps but then I didn't go back...and I had to stop while driving someone back to Hburg Thursday and ended up getting more. I didn't look at them then, but I looked when I got in the car to drive to Virigina this weekend..and I swear I had the missing railroad. I then let my mind drift away since I wouldn't be able to see for sure until I got home. So yesterday as I'm driving back from Virigina, I see the little stamps and start fantasizing about what I'm going to do with my $5million.

Consider of course that approx half will go to I'll get about $2.5 Mill to put in the bank. First thing I'd do is pay off my credit cards and school loans and then buy an SUV...either splurge on a Mercedes or just do a done up Honda Pilot. Then I'd call the realtor and put the house on the market and the cats and I would hit the road for Chicago. (Guess I would have to give my notice by then - but I'd make sure I didn't do that until I actually had the check deposited).

Upon arrival in Chicago, my mom and I would go to the bank and I'd pay off her house for her. I'd then leave it to her to decide if she wanted to stay in it or not...but at least its paid for and if she decides to move she'd have a ton of equity. Then I'd start looking for a place of my own. Now I don't want anything too outrageous...because I'm thinking I want to live off the interest of my $2.5 mil .... or whats left of it after I buy my mom's house and my new car. So I'm thinking either a nice (but not too big house) in Naperville close to the family...or a hip condo in downtown Chicago close to shopping and with lake views.

Eventually if I get bored with living off my money I may go back to school.... Also may finance mom while SHE goes to college since she never got to go and really likes school. I've always wanted to breed I could have puppies around me all the time...but I'd need more land to do that. I would definitely GET a new puppy the minute I moved into my new that where it may.

Eventually I may also find some small condo out in California so that I can come visit all my fantastic friends out there whenever I want to.

Thats about the jist of it...but then I got home and saw I did not in fact have the winning stamp. And I was quite upset.

That said, last week I put up 9 pieces of my beloved coach collection on ebay. All the auctions are now over and I sold 8 of 9 items. All together I sold them for $332.25. The S&H I charged for all those auctions comes out to $91. I think my shipping costs won't be that that will help cover the ebay fees of $34 and the paypal fees for those using a cc instead of their bank account. I know I paid WAY more than that for them....but I priced to sell figuring its like found money for me. It will make a nice contribution to my Christmas shopping fund - particularly since this is the month the extra money for my company car gets deducted from my paycheck. After Thanksgiving I may take a look at all my accessories for other items I should part with. And maybe review the bags one more time. I'm also thinking I have a couple of almost new pairs of shoes that I got great deals on, but aren't as comfy as I thought that I may sell. The one pair I got for $75 during Nordstrom's half yearly sale earlier this year - but normal price is $ I may make a nice profit off those!

So...I may not have $2.5 million....but I have more than I woke up with!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

11/12/06 Spending

$4 on gingerbread latte
$71 at coach outlet on hair scarf and passport wallet
$43 at Yankee Candle outlet
$68 at Michaels on more felting yarn for gifts

11/11/06 Spending

$5 at McD's for breakfast and donation to Ronald McDonald House
$1.27 on a cookie
$76 on 2 pairs of jeans

Meet Heidi

I'm visiting my aunt and uncle in Virgina this weekend. Here's a picture of their boxer Heidi.

Friday, November 10, 2006

11/10/06 Spending

$11 on lunch and dinner for today
$4 on pins for my felted flower gifts for Christmas
$8 on shipping of my first sold purse

So long...

Green suede carryall...I'll miss you more than you know..... But I like the $95 I just added to my Christmas shopping funds. Hope my other auctions do as other takers yet...just some watchers.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

My first birthday present of 2006

I love that even 3000 miles apart Michelle and I are still so in sync with one another.

Let me start by saying...Michelle is the BEST gift giver I've ever known...she has this knack for remembering some little thing you said you loved, wanted, etc...but never would have thought to buy yourself. And she remembers and gets it! I LOVE my birthday and Christmas just because I'm dying to see what thing I always wanted and never thought to buy that she would give me!

I on the other hand...not that great a gift giver. When its time for me to buy...I'll remember that a person TOLD me something that I should remember...but I don't...and I just figure something out. But this year...I was SOOOO excited for Michelle's birthday.

Michelle took a sushi making class last year with Seattles top sushi chef. Now she and the girls make sushi every so often. On one of my trips to Color Me Mine earlier this year...I noticed they had sushi plates and wasabi dishes. I perfect! And I made Michelle a fabulous set of dishes for her birthday, in colors to flatter her regular dishes..and sent them along with some chop sticks.

So yesterday my birthday present arrives..a large heavy box. I open the top to find a little note that reads "Happy Birthday. I had this present for a while, so I'm sticking with it, even after my birthday present". Now Michelle and I have had several discussions since I moved about the fact that there's no place for me to run and pick up sushi quickly in Harrisburg - not like when I'd get it at Safeway while picking up a latte. And she's told me repeatedly that I should start making my own sushi at home - that its not really that hard....

So the minute I read the note from Michelle - I knew what was in the package.

Guess I need to run to the store for some cucumbers (since there's no good avocados in PA this time of year).

11/09/06 Spending

$4.87 at Starbucks (no more venti gingerbread lattes on the turnpike! yikes!).
$28 at Color Me Mine - It was supposed to be a present for someone else..but it was so cute..may need to keep it!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I can't believe I'm selling some of my Coach!

I'm sure none of you thought the day would come, I know I didn't. But as part of my new cost awareness, I've decided to sell some of my Coach items which are not getting much use. Here's a taste of a few of the items. Be sure to check out my listings!

Item Number 280047076736

Item Number 280047091125

Item Number 280047076736

Item Number 280047085922

Item Number 280047082742

11/08/06 Spending

$4.25 on Venti Maple Mocha for Breakfast
$3.91 on McDonalds for afternoon snack on drive home from Baltimore.

11/07/06 Spending

Another goose egg! Yeah!

11/07/06 Spending

Another goose egg! Yeah!

Correction $50 on my school loans

Monday, November 06, 2006

11/06/06 Spending

Dropped $300 a dinner.... But it was expensed so it doesn't count....

That puts today at $0! I'm so proud of myself!

Mean...but well rested...mommy

So....ever since I brought home my little bundles of joy last sleep has suffered....

Originally they played all night long...and as time passed...Zella started behaving and Joey started getting worse. He jumps on top of me...licks whatever part of my skin is not under the blankets....starts nibbling my nose of the licking doesn't get his desired attention. Talks at the top of his lungs.... Just generally keeps me from getting any sleep.... It usually starts about 4am...and I throw him off the bed every 20 minutes or so til I finally get up. And on weekends the latest I ever even try and sleep is 8am.

Recently Joey expanded his torture to include laying on my pillow at the top of my head...and pawing my head..and CHEWING my hair.

My mom has asked all along why I didn't just lock them out...and I guess I don't have a good answer...Zella is such a sweetie...that I don't mind her being in bed with me. And I didn't want to separate them by closing her in and him then she couldn't get to the litterbox.

But the hair chewing was the last straw for last week as I was getting ready for bed I noticed that both cats were not in the room....and closed the door. Zella did come over and start trying to pry the door open...but it only lasted about 30 minutes and she gave up. I did hear some playing early in the morning but it wasn't as disruptive as it is when they are on top of me.

So...I feel a little bad because my babies don't get to cuddle with me at night...but I've slept better this past week then I have since I brought my little babies home! I even slept until 10:30am on Saturday!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

11/05/06 Spending

Nothing!!! Wanted to go to Hallmark and use up my birthday coupon...but made myself stay home so I wasn't tempted to spend too much money!

Instead I worked on my knitting at home. About 2/3 of the way through another poinsettia - and I got the first one felted. Its drying now so I can put it together.

Also got caught up on my netflix movies...I've been bad the past few months letting them sit and instead doing PPV....but part of my reduced spending is no more PPV....better to make good use of my netflix membership.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

11/04/06 Spending

$25 on a flu shot at target
$6.87 on size 10 double point knitting needles required for Christmas present making
$44.52 on 10 skeins of assorted wool yarn for Christmas present making

Already got two mini birdhouse ornaments made. Working on a pointsettia now.

Friday, November 03, 2006

11/03/06 Spending

Lunch was expensed today....

Stopped at Target on the way home...spent $77.42.

Purchased: Crock Pot, Cat LItter, Garbage Bags, Laundry Detergent, and some assorted Crockpot Classics frozen meals for the new crock pot.

Staying in tonight so thats it for today!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New regular blog feature

Okay...I'm putting myself on a self imposed spending ban....between stuff for the house....and being bored out of my mind and shopping online (since I can't go out and shop in this crappy town).....and my coach habit..... I've allowed myself to up the balance on my credit cards .... and I'm not going to share the amount...because ANY balance is bad....but this is really bad. And in another 18 months is when I get moved again....I'd like to have some equity in my house by then so I don't have to finance 100% next time.... And I don't want a lot of debt looming over me because I'll have to buy a car again next time I move since I won't get a company car anymore. order to help keep myself accountable...I'm going to report my daily purchases on my blog! I'm allowing myself necessities....and some entertainment on weekends....but other than Christmas shopping I'm really trying to not spend money.... And I'll not be including eating out when I get to expense it to work! Oh..and I've decided when I eat out...I'm not using my debit card anymore...I'm paying cash...that helps me realize what I'm spending better!

Since its the second I"ll get this month up to date and then plan to update every day....


Mortgage/Taxes/Insurance = $963 (don't hate me yet...second mortgage is due later in the month for another $350 ish)
Phone = $15
Cell = $56
Power = $51
Sewer = $41
Cable / Internet = $131
Morning latte = $4.01
Interim Property Taxes = $396
3Q local income tax = $129
Credit card payment = $1000

Afternoon latte = $4.01

I guess if Chicago is "inland north" and midland is close to that this is right....

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Midland
The Northeast
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
Take More Quizzes

Friday, October 27, 2006

My street finally exists!!!!

I drove right past it and missed it...but then I was standing in front of a little window in my bedroom and looked outside... I have a STREET sign!!!!! No more confusion with local delivery drivers....I can order pizza again...I can order chinese more missed package deliveries because they can't find me.

Only bad thing is a stop sign too.....oh well....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Look at my pretty pumpkin!

We had a pumpking carving party for my office last weekend. Look at my masterpiece!!!


Shortly after posting my last entry (gotta love the broadband air cards for laptops) we FINALLY got moving..... a few folks that were part of our group and also trying to get to the hotel fell asleep in their cards (so did two of our passengers) and the highway patrol woke them up to start moving. I was in my hotel room about 12:30am (some didn't get in til 1am)....and we had to leave again at 7am for the meeting....and then they thermostat was set at 60degrees the whole I got home yesterday tired, cold, and cranky....

Seriously though..the air card....that late at night we couldn't find a traffic report on the it was nice to be able to go online and see what the problem was causing the accident...even if we had no way to get around it...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Tomorrows gonna suck......

So I'm down in Baltimore right now...we had a social event this evening and a meeting starting again at 7am....we left the meeting at 10pm on the free way.....only to stop about 5 miles later...turns out there's a jack knifed big rig and a fuel spill...about 0.5 miles ahead of us .....we've now been sitting for almost 2 hours.....stay tuned....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ladies...this ones for you...

Jean Finder

The site in the above link will ask you some questions and then recommend blue jeans for you...including size recommendations. Kinda cool....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


This is so awesome...I know (well I knew) one of the actors in in this commercial, Parvesh Cheena. He went to my high school...he even had a tiny part in my student directed one act play. I love seeing him on TV (I've seen him pop up on ER and The West Wing...and I think in a Tmobile commercial) or the big screen (he was in both Barbershop movies) - there's something just really cool about seeing someone you know....

Anyway....his myspace mentioned he'd gotten this commercial....I've started seeing it on TV a probably have too....but I wanted to share it anyway because I crack up every time I see it.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Okay...probably the first exciting thing has happened since I moved to Harrisburg...I've been eagerly awayting this day...and it finally arrived.

My new Target opened!!!!!

Before I had to drive like 10 miles through some windy roads (or on the freeway in ridiculous traffic for this tiny burg). But now, just 1.5 miles away, is a brand new, jumbo target! And as if that wasn't great has a Starbucks in it...thats right folks...I now live by TWO starbucks! Hard to imagine those days of having them on every corner....but I have two!

And...they sent me a coupon in the I got $5 off today since I'm a "new neighbor". I picked up lots of goodies..including some groceries...since they had a great selection of that stuff....and more importantly...I started my Christmas shopping and picked up a game "Apples to Apples" for the Nelson familly...since we play all the games at their house on holiday's I thought that would be a good gift for them.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm so tired!

So I'm staying at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia for a meeting right now. You'd think it would be amazing..and my room is pretty awesome. The bed is great. The bath products are the same line from Bulgari that we had at Mandalay Bay when I went with Ann and Amanda. BUT...There's a problem. I don't know if there's a crazy high crime rate in philly or what...but the police sirens ALL NIGHT LONG kept my whole meeting from getting any sleep last night! And we're here tonight again too. I'm in desperate need of some ear plugs!!!!

On a happier note...the Coach Legacy line, celebrating the 65th anniversary is officially in stores. I couldn't get everything I wanted, because Mom is buying some things for christmas/birthday. But I did pick up a couple of beautiful things outside her price range.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

new tickle me elmo!!!

Is fabulous!! he throws himself all over the floor laughing! I think he's the best one yet!

Check out my video of him on YOUTUBE:
  • Elmo
  • Friday, September 15, 2006

    More Coach

    Recent additions to Coach collection

    Its been a while since I shared an update on my coach here are my purchases over the past few months....

    Monday, September 11, 2006


    So I made a trip to NYC this weekend. My first day trip since I moved to PA. I'd been trying to plan a trip with a friend...and our schedules were not working...and at the last minute this weekend turned out to work for both of us. I had mixed feelings about going this weekend...given the anniversary that was approaching.

    This was only my second time to NYC...the first was back in April...I think of 2004. Michelle and I purposely scheduled a walking tour that included a stop at Ground Zero. We wanted some time to pay our respects...I think we spent about an hour there. It was really a very surreal stop. To look at the space there ... its hard to fathom those two towers standing. Particularly to someone like myself..who never saw them that way except on film. We were touched at that time, by all the memorials surrounding the site. And the storyboards depicting a lot of the actions not only on that day...but in the weeks following. There was even information posted about the nearby church that acted as a hospital in those early hours. We were frustrated and saddened by all the tourists taking pictures. To me, its not a tourist site, its a place to remember that horrible day, and all the lives lost. I would never dream of taking pictures at a grave..would you?

    We made sure that on this weekends trip we also stopped at Ground Zero. In the years since the attacks, my friend Nicole has been every year. For me this was my second time. I was saddened that the tribute center was not yet open - particularly as all the notices around the perimeter referred to it - and most of the other materials I'd seen 2 years ago were gone. I understand the tribute center was opening to families today...Probably as it should be...but I'm saddened it will have to wait until my next trip. I was also a bit saddened by how few people where there...Particularly on this particular weekend. My first was so crowded that you had to wait a few minutes to get up to the fence and look in. This time, there was nothing but open fence for viewing the site. Its remarkable to see how little progress appears to have been made - but the engineer part of me realizes all the structural work that must be done to prepare for the future.

    Now..I know I said I hate those taking pictures...but there was ONE thing this time that I wanted to share. Its the only thing old you can see on the site - and I wanted to share it with my loved ones on this day. Its amazing to me, that at the sight of such a horrific event, you can still see such a beautiful sign of hope.

    Tuesday, August 29, 2006

    Traveling Cats

    So I'm trying to figure out what to do with the cats over Christmas...since I'm thinking I'll be in Chicago 2-3 weeks....and with our office on admin won't be close by to come check on them..... Working on the parents to see if they can come home with me. Was PLANNING on DRIVING home. But I think Zella wants to go UPS....

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    My life is too boring too blog about

    Here's 30 questions stolen from my friend Carolyn:

    1. What is in your left pocket?
    No pockets...changed into my pjs when I got that bad at 6pm? I mean...I've been in them a couple hours now!

    2. How much alcohol did you have this weekend?
    None...I was a hermit this weekend except for a movie Saturday.

    3. Do you eat gas station food?
    Snack stuff sometimes...

    4. Ever drive all night to get to someone?
    HEHE...yep...summer after freshman year. This girl I'd just met through a friend and I decided to drive to peoria to see this guy I'd started seeing right before school got out. I told my mom I was staying at the other girls house and we drive down to P-town. Got there around 3am...stayed for breakfast and drove back. We were so tired we ended up pulling over on I-55 to sleep for an hour!

    5. Is Napoleon Dynamite actually a good movie?
    Not my kind of movie....

    6. Do people that scream into their cell phones annoy you?
    Except when I'm the one screaming......

    7. What color underwear do you have on?
    Black! ;)

    8. Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?
    Carpet and linoleum. Maybe I'll replace the linoleum with pergo or something before its time to sell.

    9. Do you sit or stand in the shower?
    Usually stand...but I have two lovely seats that come in handy for when I need to shave. Or I imagine will be nice to sit on when I'm hungover ... haven't drank enough to test that one out since I bought the house!

    10. Could you live with roommates?
    Only when they have 4 legs and fur.

    11.) How many pair of flip flops do you own?
    Um....lets havianas, blue havianas, white havians, silver havianas, black tevas, black nikes, black sparkly, silver birks, black birks, green nikes, how many is that????

    12.) Where were you born?
    Blue Island, IL

    13.) What is your drug of choice?

    14.) Ever been to rehab/jail?
    Does it count when they locked us up in the jail cell when I was visiting the jail with my brownie troop? The did fingerprint us that trip....

    15.) Highest level of school completed?
    A few grad school classes before getting moved to CA

    16.) Last time you had a run in with the cops? pulled over in Oregon about a year and a half ago...I think that was the last time.

    17.) Where do you work? Or go to school? Or are you a bum?
    I know better than the use my companies name in my blog...but last time the list came out I think we were a fortune 100 company. I'm a marketing rep for them. Definitely not a bum...I think the 60 hours a week I work takes care of that!!!

    18.) What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Any suggestions?

    19.) How cool are you?
    Probably not so cool...but I like to think I am!

    20.) Who is number 1 on your top 8 (on myspace)? Why?
    Bev...she knows why

    21.) What cell phone service do you have?
    Sprint for now..but I'm seriously considering a sidekick when my plan is up in November..which would mean a switch to tmobile.

    22.) How often do you get on myspace?
    pretty much every day since I finally joined.

    23.) How many people are on your friends list? How many do you actually know?
    Real friends and not bands??? Probably like 16 or 17...I know then all...but some I haven't seen/talked to for a very LONG time!

    24.) When did you join MySpace? Why?
    After I moved away from Cali....great way to keep track of my friends there! Especially since Friendster kinda died when Myspace got huge (though I love that Friendster still sends me all your birthday reminders even though none of us use it like we used to!).

    25.) What kind of car do you drive? How many miles does it have?
    Company car....not enough miles on it to get a new one for a while.....2005 Buick Lacrosse....28000

    26.) What is your dream car?
    Anything that's not a company car!!! No....Probably a Mercedes M class....

    27.) What is your favorite pet's name?
    I can't possibly choose between Joey and Zella... but much as I love them.... I'd still put my dear sweet Chloe down. Its hard sitting at my desk sometimes at work where I have the beautiful collage of all you Cali folks that Amanda gave me for my birthday last year (because I miss you all)...and my Chloe pictures. I still can't believe she's not with me anymore.

    28.) If you could have sex with one celebrity, who would it be?
    Michael Vartan

    29.) Have you ever been called "spoiled"?
    Yeah...but I'm really not....I don't get nearly the benefit of a rich dad that my siblings too...damn me for telling him what I think of him!

    30.) What was the last package you received?
    A replacement power cord for my laptop....exciting huh?

    Wednesday, August 02, 2006

    Well it was bound to happen eventually....

    That fateful night in November 2003 when I took a little tumble down a big flight of nasty stairs has claimed another victim. Monday I had my very first root canal. What surprised me is that it was NOT one of the fractured teeth that required it...but the only front tooth that did NOT fracture. The signs however, were exactly as Dr. Chin said they would be....the tooth was rapidly turning a dark color. Both the dentist and the endontic specialist said the reason it was THAT tooth that turned was because of the impact it took that night..WITHOUT fracturing. The damage was so severe I had to go to a specialist for the root canal. Luckily...due to his skill it was a FAST 1 hour in and out procedure. And fortunately...because its a front tooth the dentist is working to restore the tooth without a CROWN. We're doing a "walking bleach". They left a hole in the back of the tooth..and every 2 weeks we're putting some bleach INSIDE the tooth...then packing it with cotton and putting on a temporary filling. We'll do this for the next 2 months until the tooth is back to a "normal" color. Or perhaps lighter since we also plan to whiten the rest of my teeth when we redo my other dental work.

    I must say...if you need a root canal ... you should definitely opt for a specialist in Endontics.... Not that I'm particularly afraid of dentists after all the work I had done to fix my mess of a mouth....but I definitely get a bit shaky when getting worked on now... And the specialist made the whole thing quite easy.

    Monday, July 31, 2006

    Finally...Jared Padalecki Picture!

    Okay..the resolution on Missies camera wasn't great...but here's the picture we snapped of Jared a little while after meeting him.

    Thursday, July 27, 2006

    Oh Happy Day!

    Okay...let me put this in perspective for you.

    I woke up this morning with CRIPPLING cramps.

    And....after all my crazy traveling the past few months...surprise surprise...I started developing a cold (come on Zicam!).

    But I'm having a GREAT day!

    Wanna know why??? I stopped this morning at my new STARBUCKS! Which is on my way to work!!!!!!! No more gas station lattes for me! You are all probably thinking I'm crazy...or finally started smoking the wacky weed..... But Harrisburg is SOOOOOOO not what I'm used to and this is HUGE!

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006


    1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:
    "and caught in a garage door mechanism, and I've also lost kittens"

    2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. what is the first thing you touch?

    3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?:
    the morning news

    4. Without looking at the clock, what time do you think it is?:

    5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?:

    6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?:
    The guys installing my ceiling fan right next to me

    7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?:
    getting out of the car and walking into my house around 1:30.

    8. Before you came to this website, what did you look at?:
    The Purse Forum

    9. What are you wearing right now?:
    Black dress slacks, multicolor striped button down shirt, purple ugg slippers

    10. Did you dream last night?:
    not that I recall

    11. When did you last laugh?:
    hm...not sure..that's kind of sad!

    12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?:
    blue and green paint...a few prints of windows/doorways with flowers.

    13. Seen anything weird lately?:

    14: What is the word most often used in your vocabulary?:
    Words.. "that's okay"

    15. What is the last film you saw?:
    in a theater....superman returns...for the second time

    16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?:
    a puppy...well I would adopt her...but it would definitely be my first spending...then maybe a big huge house with a nice big yard!

    17. Tell me some things about you that I don't know:
    I used to sing/act in school

    18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?:
    no poverty

    19. Do you like to dance?:

    20. George Bush:
    F'in retard!

    21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
    If I decided I actually wanted to HAVE one...Lucy..after my grandma

    22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?:

    23. Would you ever consider living in another country?
    yup...kinda job requirement eventually

    9 lasts...
    9. last place you were: my car
    8. last cigarette: probably senior year of college...that's when I would have had my only cigarette
    7. last beverage: diet coke
    6. last kind of candy: ??
    5. last phone call: 10 minutes ago from a customer
    4. last cd played: what is a CD??? Ipod baby!
    3. last bubble bath: too long
    2. last time you cried: probably in the last couple months before I moved
    1. last alcoholic drink: Smirnoff Ice last week on Wednesday

    8 have you evers...
    8. have you ever dated someone twice: Yes - more than twice!
    7. have you ever been cheated on: I think so...details are sketchy
    6. have you ever cheated on someone: Not that I was in a committed exclusive relationship with....have had little things here and there when I was just seeing someone
    5. have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: God yes
    4. have you ever fallen in love: Yes
    3. have you ever lost someone: Yes
    2. have you ever been depressed: yes
    1. have you ever dumped someone: yup

    7 states you've been to.
    7. Illinois
    6. Wisconsin
    5. Missouri
    4. Kansas
    3. California
    2. Washington
    1. Pennsylvania

    6 things you've done today.
    6. Woke Up
    5. Go to Starbucks
    4. Have a few meetings
    3. Drive home from Baltimore
    2. Stop at McD's
    1. Clean the litter box

    5 people you can tell pretty much anything to.
    5. Michelle
    4. Mandy
    3. Beverly
    2. Pam (Mrs. Nelson!)
    1. Mom

    4 places you want to go.
    4. Europe
    3. California
    2. Mexico
    1. Australia

    3 favorite colors.
    3. Green
    2. Green
    1. Green

    1 thing you wish you could change.
    Regret is pointless

    Sunday, July 23, 2006


    So...from the minute I brought home my sweet kitties everyone remarked that Joey looked like Hitler due to his unfortunate little black nose and mustasche. I was just thankful that it was Joey with the mustasche and not my sweet Zella. I'd never seen what is now being refered to as "kitlers" before...but assumed that with black and white cats it must be fairly common. Then yesterday I'm reading my Entertainment Weekly and it mentions the below web site.

    And there are LOTS of cats like my I posted his pic...he's showing under "latest kitlers" and is ranked 40 out of 219 for Best Kitler.

    Disclaimer: I don't mean any offense by this....Hitler was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE person...just thought it was funny there's a whole web page devoted to this since I have one!

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    Blog things...

    Orange County

    You're rich, pretty, and living a charmed life. (Or you seriously wish you were.)
    From Disneyland to Laguna Beach, you're all about living the California dream life.
    Just make sure to marry rich - so you don't have to work for it!

    You Belong in London

    You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.
    And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!

    Your Blogging Type is Unique and Avant Garde

    You're a bit ... unusual. And so is your blog.
    You're impulsive, and you'll often post the first thing that pops in your head.
    Completely uncensored, you blog tends to shock... even though that's not your intent.
    You tend to change your blog often, experimenting with new designs and content.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    Kinda surprised my percentage is this low.... HMMMMM...

    You Are 48% Bitchy

    Generally, you're an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes... well, watch out!
    Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it.

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    Survey stolen from Krissy

    1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
    Open..the cats will just pry them open and wake me up if they aren't already open.

    2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
    Depends on the hotel / shampoo conditoner brand..I do take the soap usually if there's one still wrapped up.

    3. Have you ever 'done it' in a hotel room?

    4. Have you ever stolen a street sign before?

    5. Do you like to use post-it notes?

    6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
    Used I stopped cutting them.

    7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of a bees?
    What the hell kind of question is that?

    8. WHAT HAPPENED TO ..8?

    9. Do you always smile for pictures?
    Usually. Even though it shows my fat lip...

    10. What is your biggest pet peeve?

    11. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
    Don't sleep with a top sheet...just the fitted sheet and the comforter.

    12. Do you ever count your steps when you walk?

    13. Have you ever peed in the woods?

    14. Do you ever dance even if there's no music ?
    Not to my recollection.....

    15. Do you chew your pens and pencils?
    No...but I used to chew pencils...

    16. How many people have you slept with this week?
    None :(

    17. Do you like popcorn from those big tins?
    Love popcorn...but HATE it from those big tins!

    18. What is your "Song of the week"?
    The whole soundtrack to Wicked....course thats been my song of the YEAR.

    19. Is it ok for guys to wear pink?
    Guys in pink are is the song Geek in the Pink

    20. Do you still watch cartoons?
    If they are Disney!

    21. Whats your favorite scary movie?
    Not really a scary movie fan.

    22. Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
    Bury it...that baby would be in a safe deposit box!

    23. What do you drink with dinner?
    Usually milk or crystal lite...sometimes wine.

    24. What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
    BBQ sauce.

    25. What is your favorite food/ cuisine?
    Too many choices!

    26. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
    The Little Mermaid

    27. Last person you kissed/kissed you?
    I got a kiss on the cheek last week from a guy I went on a date with.

    28. Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
    oh yeah

    29. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?

    30. When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
    HM...probably about 18 months ago....I got a letter from an old boyfriend kinda rehashing some of our history. Sent him a handwritten response. We always did communicate best on paper....and in bed!

    31. Can you change the oil on a car?

    32. Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
    heheheh...I lost count years ago!

    33. Ran out of gas?
    No...but I've been close!

    34. Favorite kind of sandwich?:
    Roast Beef from Jimmy Johns

    35. Best thing to eat for breakfast?

    36. What is your usual bedtime?
    Depends on what time I have to wake up!

    37. Are you lazy?

    38. When you were a kid what did you dress up as for halloween?
    My mom was the BEST costume maker.... Crayola Crayon, Rainbow Bright, Minnie Mouse, Harem Girl.....

    39. WHAT HAPPEND TO ..39?

    40. How many languages can you speak?

    41. Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
    LOTS...cheaper than buying them in airports!

    42. Which are better legos or lincoln logs?

    43. Are you stubborn?
    Oh Yeah...

    44. Who is better...Leno or Letterman?

    45. Ever watch soap operas?

    46. Afraid of heights?
    Not afraid of heights exactly...afraid of FALLING!!!! Most of you know why!

    47. Sing in the car?
    As loud as I can

    48. Dance in the shower?

    49. Dance in the car?
    HEHE yeah

    50. Ever used a gun?

    51. Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer?
    Senior year of high school?

    52. Do you think musicals are cheesy?
    LOVE them

    53. Is christmas stressful?

    54. Ever eat a pierogie?
    Don't think so?

    55. Favorite type of fruit pie?

    56. Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?
    Nurse, Accountant

    57. Do you believe in ghosts?

    58. Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?
    All the time

    59. Take a vitamin daily?
    I should....

    60. Wear slippers?
    Ugg slippers rule!

    61. Wear a bath robe?

    62. What do you wear to bed?
    Cute PJs...I really like Hue PJs

    63. First concert?

    64. Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart?

    65. Nike or Adidas?

    66.Cheetos Or Fritos?

    67. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?

    68. Ever hear of, "gorp"?

    69. Ever take dance lessons?
    Does dance in high school gym count?

    70.Is there a profession you picture your future spouse doing?
    Anything that means he makes plenty of money and doesn't need mine!

    71. Can you curl your tongue?

    72. Ever won a spelling bee?

    73. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
    Don't think so

    74. Own any record albums?
    Several 45s made their way to my dad's house when I was in college...not sure if they still are sitting in storage there or not.

    75. Own a record player?
    Its with the records wherever they are....

    76. Regularly burn incense?
    Nope..prefer yankee candles

    77.Ever been in love?

    78. Who would you like to see in concert?
    Madonna most...but lots of others too

    79. What was your last concert you saw?
    Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire

    80.Hot tea or cold tea?

    81.Tea or coffee?
    vanilla or cinnamon non fat latte

    82.Favorite kind of cookie?
    Chocolate Chip

    83.Can you swim well?

    84.Can you hold your breath w/o manually holding your nose?

    85. Are you patient?
    God no!

    86. DJ or band, at a wedding?

    87.Ever won a contest?

    88. Ever have plastic surgery?

    89. Which are better black or green olives?
    Ick again

    90.Can you knit or crochet?

    91. Best room for a fireplace?
    Bathroom..right next to a big jacuzzi

    92. Do you want to get married?

    93. If married, how long have you been married?

    94. Who was your HS crush? kind of continued over from jr high....Nathan...but he was into someone else by the time we made it to high school...despite crazy major flirting through most of jr high.

    95. Do you cry and throw a fit until you get your own way?

    96. Do you have kids?

    97. Do you want kids?
    Don't think so...but reserving judgement

    98. Whats your favorite color?

    99. Do you miss anyone right now?
    Lots of people...but probably my mom most right now..she's on vacation and her cell doesn't work!

    100. Who do you wanna see right now?
    Anyone from IL or CA!

    Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    I ain't saying she's a gold digger....

    You Are Not a Gold Digger

    You go out of your way to take care of everything in your life.
    Including money - which you've got plenty of, thank you very much.
    And you have no intentions of being a trophy girlfriend for some bald guy.
    Just make sure that hottie you met isn't scheming to be your boy toy!
    As a successful woman like you knows, gold digging goes both ways these days.

    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    Weekend in LA....Part 2 the wedding...I won't bore you with the details (they aren't that exciting anyway). I will say...Mandy looked BEAUTIFUL! Michelle and I were SO happy she went with the dress we'd picked out for was definitely perfect for her. And I got to meet Mandy's mom finally...hard to believe after 10 years that was the first time...but that's what happens with us crazy girls from all over the country!

    We got off the yacht at 11pm and headed back to the hotel to crash. We slept in a little Sunday morning...and then we were Hollywood this time.

    We somehow found free street parking like 1 block off Hollywood Blvd..and at the end of the street so I didn't have to risk getting boxed in! We wandered the Walk of Fame until we came upon Graumans Chinese Theater. While we were browsing the tour opportunties a woman from the tour company came up to us...pointed out 3 tours..and said forget about the while we were deciding she grabbed my arm..dragged me up to the ticket booth...and gave us a discounted price. 10 minutes later we took off for our Celebrity Homes Tour.

    I was skeptical at first..thinking they'd take us to a bunch of HAS beens...or point out where people USED to live. But it was actually a great tour. I was surprised ... a lot of the houses aren't nearly as large as you would think they would be. At least...what we could see. Most of the big time celebs have their properties so you can barely get a peak of the houses. We were stunned by the amount of paparazzi outside the Cruise/Holmes mansion waiting to get pics of baby Suri. There were probably 20 cars. We saw a few paparazzi at a few other places...but that seemed to be the big one. Two hours later we finished our tour. Got a picture of the Hollywood sign..and were back in the car.

    We decided to head over to the Grove to grab a bite and kill some time before heading to LAX. Our options were limited with Michelle with we opted for Cheesecake Factory..since we know she'll eat there. While we were waiting downstairs for a table..I heard some rumblings about folks from American Idol....while I probably wouldn't have known that's who they were if someone hadn't said something...I did recognize them when pointed out (probably from all the entertainment magazines I read!). was Buckey and Elliot. And people were going crazy. We got seated and then saw that we were like 15 feet away from them....and got to watch everyone (wait staff, managers, and fans) going CRAZY over them. After a while Chris from American Idol joined them. Then people REALLY started going crazy! We hurridly finished our dinner (we weren't that impressed and it was starting to get annoying) so we could take off.

    Now this my FAVORITE part of the weekend.....

    We walk over to Bath and Body Works...and I realize right way its the time of year when they bring back old canceled scents. I'm a HUGE fan of flowering herb. In fact...that shower gel is all I used for like 5 years. And when I heard it was being cancelled I TOTALLY stocked up on it...I swear I still had some 3 years after they stopped selling. Now in past years they've brought back the LOTION during the sale...but never the shower gel...UNTIL now! So I grabbed like 6 bottles of shower gel. As I was walking up to the counter I hear someone say to me:

    "You know, you should just buy some stock in the store!"

    I immediately recognize the voice...and cannot believe it. I look up and there's Jared Padalecki looking down at me....I mean WAY down...he's HUGE! I calmly respond:

    "No you don't understand...I LOVE this stuff! And its been gone for years".

    He just chuckles at me. Then as I'm putting all the bottles down on the counter to pay he says to the girl behind the counter:

    "Because she's buying so much of that you're going to through in one of the big pails for free right?"

    We all laugh. The teasing continues for a few more minutes..and he wanders away following his mom who he was out shopping with. Missie comes over to check out and I point in out...and she also freaks. Then while she's checking out the girl behind the counter tells us that the sale goes until like July 9 so we can come back and they'll have more in. Suddenly I hear from you know who:

    "Wow...If you use up all that shower gel by July 9 I'm gonna be SO impressed!"

    More laughing ensues. Then Jareds mom puts some stuff down on the counter...and while she's checking out a few more things....Jared opens up a zippered case and asks his mom what was inside it. She responds that its a manicure set. Jared says:

    " don't want to just use my stuff?"

    How cute right? Missie and I chuckle and I throw out there:

    "No...she wants her OWN manicure set silly!".

    Then we say our goodbyes...and walk out of the store KICKING ourselves for not asking for autographs or pictures...but we were having so much fun with him...we didn't want to risk spoiling it.

    Now later on that evening we did spot him again walking around the shopping we did snap a picture from further away...our thought was...even if folks didn't believe we TALKED to him...they won't be able to deny we SAW him. I don't have a copy yet from Missie because she was only in Peoria a couple of hours before heading off to Miami...but I will post it when I get it!

    After that .... it was back to LAX for the girls...and the hotel for me so I could rest up for my early flight.

    And that was my weekend in LA!

    Thursday, June 29, 2006

    Weekend in LA.....Part 1 goes!

    Believe it or flight from Harrisburg to Chicago ACTUALLY got to Chicago on time! Of course the minute I landed I saw that the next flight..the one to LAX was delayed. I called Michelle to warn her that Missie and I would be late...she was so shocked...and then went to meet Missie at her gate. Which was kind of exciting in itself for both of us. I have seen Missie since last July when I was in Peoria...and she thought it was cool to be met at the gate at the airport since you can't do that anymore. Anyways...we grabbed some grub and went to wait for our LAX flight.

    We got to LAX around 11:30pm. Michelle had just landed too and we met her on the car shuttle to the rental car place. I remembered it was the same place Ann and I rented a car last when we got off the shuttle I darted inside to get in line...because it took FOREVER when Ann and I were there! My bladder was not too happy with the decision...but when the girls saw the line by the time THEY made it inside...their appreciation helped. A few short minutes and we were on our way.

    Unfortunately we were staying down in Irvine because the hotel for the wedding had such a great rate...we didn't want to miss out on it was about 12:45am before we arrived at the Crown Plaza Irvine. We got inside and there was ONE person working the counter....and a lady was arguing with him because she didn't get the room type she wanted. Mind you...she HAD a room....and was already checked into it...with her stuff in it....but was arguing about her room...and the rooms of her family who had not yet arrived. 30 minutes later the guy finally was ready to help us....fortunately I had listened closely to their discussions. When the guy pulls up my reservations he tells me he only has rooms with 2 doubles available. I said, "That's fine because that's what my reservation was for" (and was thinking...hello do you see three of us here??). He looked perplexed and said "Oh no...I only have kings available". When I asked him where he thought we would all be sleeping he again looked perplexed and said he'd get us a rollaway....and move us to another room in the morning. I told him that was not acceptable...and did he not see I was a Priority Club member and my room should not have been given away in the first place. When he continued to argue with me I told him he needed to find us a room with two double beds or lower the rate on our room if someone had to sleep on a rollaway. I also asked for the customer service phone number.... And wouldn't you know...he found us a room!!!!

    Saturday we were up early....well early CA time...not so much east coast time....we had lots of stuff to see and limited time before being at the wedding. We headed to Beverly Hills...for breakfast at Nate and Al's on Beverly Dr. We'd read that if you wanted to see celebs...breakfast at Nate and Al's was the place. It was this super cute...old style New York deli. Within 2 minutes of sitting down we saw celeb #1....Leslie Ann Warren...who came in with a gentleman and young girl. I was the only one smart enough to sit facing the Missie and Michelle had to wait til she was seated to get a peak...but definitely her. Then a few minutes later...Larry King walks right passed me. I was startled...and Missie looked over and said "Oh yeah...I've been looking at him trying to figure out if it was him...guess it was!" A few minutes later we're talking and Missie refers to "jack"...Michelle and I are like "who???" Turns out she thought Larry King was Jack Nicholson. It became the joke of the rest of the trip. As we were nearing the end of our breakfast Chad the Nanny from Jerry Maquire walked in. Looking the SAME as he did all those years ago when that movie came out.

    After breakfast we did some shopping...well mostly browsing....along Beverly Dr, Rodeo Dr, and Wilshire Blvd. Then we headed back to the OC to make sure we were there in plenty of time for the wedding. Because it was still early we decided to hit South Coast Plaza so Michelle and I could look for Havianas that would match our outfits for the wedding (for when our heels got to be too much). We had a light meal (who knows what the wedding food would be like) and then headed back to our hotel. Now...silly me decided...rather than getting back on the 405..that I knew how to take local roads...and in my defense I did....but I forgot about the stupid roads that go at angles.... I knew we needed MacArthar and Main....but I forgot that there were two separte intersections of MacArther and MAIN!!!! When we finally arrived at the hotel we had 45 minutes to get ready and leave....well....then I looked at the directions...and we did not have to go to where I thought to get the yacht for the then I decided we had 30 minutes. Slight obstacle though...housekeeping was JUST cleaning our room....and did not understand a WORD of english....but did not let she was nodding when we kept telling her to come back...but not leaving. Eventually Missie pushed her out of the room while grabbing a stack of towels. A short 25 minutes later we were on the way to the wedding....

    More to come....

    Sunday, June 18, 2006

    I'm a terrible blogger!!!

    Things have just been CRAZY for me lately!!!!

    Lets is insane....and lots of travel lately.

    Last weekend I went white water rafting with some cool girls I met in from the MeetIn group. We had a blast...but MAN was I sore on Sunday! And I banged up one of my knees pretty good that's still smarting a bit.

    This week I had a meeting in Chicago so I flew in and decided to stay the weekend. Friday Stepmom and sisters and I went to 1154 Lill on Armitage to make purses. I made a Jeanne ..will post picks after it arrives. Stac made a Molly - which is like the bag I already have, Steffo made a Lucy...which is like a Molly but smaller. CK made a Andi ... which is huge and beautiful! Now I just have to wait for it to be made and find its way to PA. I also picked up a small silver wristlet for the wedding next weekend. Oh yeah...speaking of the wedding...apparently I've been gaining weight in my BOOBS! So my BEAUTIFUL dress I'd previously posted no longer will zip up over them.... Particularly devistating because I'd bought all the cute matching accessories and been working on a sweater to go with it. And it looks AMAZING on me right up until it hits my boobs. Very upset. I found an alternative outfit (and therefore the need for the silver wristlet) but still not the same!

    Back on topic...after we left the city we stopped to fathers day shop and headed home for dinner. Dad and CK were doing a good job of providing me with meals consisting of beef...because the beef in Pa is TERRIBLE. I was talking to a co-worker who said the reason its so bad out in PA is because the cattle isn't raised for food. Our beef is the old dairy cows - which they slaughter after they stop producing milk. SO...unless I'm at a chain where they are probably bringing in the beef from more beef for me in Harrisburg. Let see...then we watched Wedding Crashers and I headed to mom's house.

    Saturday mom and I did some shopping and then headed to her Aunt Alice and cousin Nancy's house. I hadn't seen Alice in 2 years ... but I love (and hate) going because she looks JUST like my Grandma. It makes me both happy and sad. And the older Alice gets the MORE she looks like Grandma. I really like spending time there...because they are a big part of why I ended up going to Bradley. My mom's cousing Nancy had a engineering degree from Bradley and thats how I found out about it. The entire time I was away at school I'd get notes from Aunt Alice and her late husband Uncle Ray. Then Uncle Ray passed a month after my graduation. Aunt Donna was in town too so we all went over to Alice and Nancy's. Stac joined us to and Alice and Nancy feed us and we stayed around and talked about family until midnight.

    This morning I was up early to pack up and head back to Dad and CKs for fathers day. We're headed to church soon and then off to Oak Brook for the annual fathers day car show. What could be better than antique cars AND high end shopping all day!!!! Just need to make sure they get me to the airport in time tonight!

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    What kind of bra are you?

    You Are an Animal Print Bra!

    Wild, zany, and even a little crazy.
    You make every date an unpredictable adventure.
    You want a guy who will constantly surprise you.
    A relationship that's the most insane ride of your life.