Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recurring Themes in Dreams

Aren't recurring dreams a strange, strange thing?

I often have them where I'm in school, usually high school, but sometimes college. I'll go to the first session of a class at the beginning of a semester, and then not go back. Then as the semester ends, I start to get nervous about needing to go to class so I can take my final exam, and not remembering where my class is located.

This is a weird enough dream on its own, feels weird when I'm in it. But its also weird because its SOOO not my character. Never in high school did I ever skip a single session of a class, much less the whole semester. And I'll admit, once I got to college I did skip a class or two (or once a week in the case of my engineering statistics class - but EVERYONE skipped that class so we just tried to plan ahead that someone was there to make sure we got whatever assignments were mentioned). But never in a million years would I skip a whole semester of classes.

So I wonder why this is something I dream about with some amount of frequency.