Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Key Largo

So our meeting started in Key Largo today. I left Hburg on a 6am flight....we got to Atlanta okay...but then sat on the tarmack for EVER trying to get takeoff clearance for Miami. Somehow we were only a little late....but by the time we got bags, and our rental cars...it was 1pm...the start time of the meeting. And we had a 90 minute drive to the resort. Luckily the HOST of our meeting was also on our flight from Altanta....so they couldn't start without us.

I only had about 2 minutes in my room to change for the meeting while it was light out. Its an AMAZING view. I'm hoping to get a pic tomorrow...it was too dark when we got back to change for dinner and teambuilding.

Not liking the BUGS! We had to cover ourselves in bug repellent so the entire group STUNK throughout teambuilding, drinks and dinner.

Anyway....I was up at 3:30am today...so early night for me tonight.

Here's the web page to the resort if you want to check it out: Ocean Reef

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