Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What a day!

So, after a full day of travel yesterday I made it to Harrisburg safe and sound.

I'm a little peaved at United Airlines because when I went online Sunday to check in and arrange my seats it asked if I wanted to upgrade to first class for $130. I'm thinking $130 is a cheap upgrade to first class when you are traveling cross country so I jumped on it. Then AFTER the transaction was complete it showed me the upgrade only applied to the 2nd portion of my trip - the 1 hour 45 minute flight from Chicago to Harrisburg - and NOT the 3 hour 45 minute flight from Seattle to Chicago. I was ticked. Although it was nice to spend even the 1 hour 45 minutes in first class - but I probably wouldn't have spent the $130 if I knew it only applied to that leg of the trip.

I was worried about getting my car because my co-worker told me he'd park it on the top level of the garage and leave the key sitting on top of the rear drivers side door. Would I remember what color it was? What if there were LOTS of cars on that floor? What if the keys (or CAR!) where missing? Alas I got of the plane to find him sitting there waiting for me - turns out in the craziness that is moving he nevere had time to drop off the car so he just picked me up.

Today I bought my appliances for my house....its amazing how fast you can spend $2000 at home depot! Well..in all fairness...I knew I was spending $2000 but still! I felt weird spending that much money and just walking out with the paperwork. Good news is they can deliver right away next Tuesday.

Now I'm sitting in my favorite place...Panera....catching up online. In a minute I'll start working on arranging my utilities and then I'm off to Baltimore for a meeting all week.

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