Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another update

So, my realtor called tonight and as we suspected the builder wants to redo the contract on his paperwork. So...we'll do that Friday morning (unless they can do it tomorrow or Thursday night sometime after 5pm). I'd asked for closing cost assistance on my original contract and they're only willing to do that if I go through THEIR mortgage folks..so that probably won't happen but its all good!

Talked to my mortgage guy today and told him what my uncle's mortgage lady told me today she'd do for me - so he worked some numbers and beat her by .2% on the 80% loan and 1% on the 20% loan. Plus he's waiving most of their fees. SO...I relocked in that deal and they are sending me more paperwork on that tomorrow.

And that's today's home purchase update!


Julienne said...

The language in your blog has converted into some strange realtor-ese that I don't quite understand...

Shelley said...

hehe...I've learned a TON about buying a house this week!