Monday, January 02, 2006


So I'm trying to get my stuff all cleaned up (ie get rid of shit) and organized (ie not piled up and crammed into closets to fall out on you when the door opens) before my movers come. I figure if I take the steps now - not only will unpacking in my new place be easier - but if I'm really hard core about it - my new place might actually start out - and more importantly STAY organized.

So, while everyone in all of Walnut Creek and the surrounding communties were are Target yesterday buying plastic boxes for putting away their Christmas (YES I said Christmas not HOLIDAY) decorations I was looking for more smaller boxes to organize my hall closet (which contains a hodge podge of coats, crafing supplies, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and general misc stuff). I did pick up 3 19L boxes while I was there yesterday - not knowning for sure how much crap would be kept and need to go into a box. realized...ALOT more stuff than what I bought boxes for.

Now mind you - I've already got every pair of shoes I own, along with all my bed linens (except what's on the beds of course) in nice clear plastic boxes from the container store (LOVE them!). I've also used my beautiful label maker to LABEL each and everyone of those boxes for ease of knowing what's in them - yes even though they are clear. Hey don't knock it - all this organization with me started with my label maker - it just makes me want to label shit!

So..I'm standing at target, in the seasonal area which just yesterday was stacked halfway to the ceiling with storage boxes...and to my dismay....there were maybe 30 total boxes left. NONE in the size I wanted. I did hurry up and snag five larger boxes which I figured would be good for storing my VHS tapes and CD's which I don't really need sitting out since I don't use either of them. But friends for the boxes I bought yesterday!

So I made a quick stop at the Apple Store looking to pick up Norton Internet Security (which they didn't have the bastards) and did notice for all of you looking for accesories for you new Ipod Nano the store is stocked up!

Then off to my favorite store in Walnut Creek (Okay---second favorite after Coach) THE CONTAINER STORE! Now I'm already a bit bummed with the Container Store currently for two reasons. First of all, they are going through their big ELFA (or is it EFLA?) sale that only happens once a year where everything in the line is 30% off. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about ...basically its kick ass stuff to organize your closets with (among other things). I totally want to do my closets in my new place - but since the earliest I'll be able to move in is Feb 6, and I have no idea what I'm getting and therefore the layout of the closet I can't take advantage of the big sale. Although the girl I talked to said that if I got on the email mailing list sometimes they have a special summer sale for folks who missed the big January sale. The other thing I'm totally bummed the nearest Container Store to Harrisburg is like 2.5 hours away!!!! And sure I can order stuff online..but that shipping will be crazy. And its not like any of the stores are in towns I need to travel to weekly anyway - no siree - they are all JUST outside my territory. Looks like I'll be making some road trips! Hope I can fit stuff into my Buick Lacrosse that I'm inheriting when I get to PA!

Anyway, did pick up more of the "mens" shoe box at Container Store and its back to work on my hall closet!

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drea said...

Something about the labeler. I got one and can't stop labeling stuff. I even wrote a poem with it.