Saturday, January 07, 2006

I found a place!

Well...I spend about 6 hours yesterday looking at places with my realtor...and I just LOVED the first place so much nothing compared.

This morning the realtor and I filled out the contract and we should hear more Monday since thats the first day the builder will have to review the contract. The agent a the model said he likes to use his OWN contracts so we might need to re-write it...but still its perfect! We went ahead and reserved it today so they're not able to show it to anyone else for a week while we deal with paperwork.

I LOVE that its new construction. Just the cleaning up needs to be done inside (paint some trim, fix some spots on the wall and paint) and then its all ready for me to move in! Its 2 bedroom (both huge with bathrooms)laundry upstairs along with three linen closets, vaulted ceilings in the master, and tons of windows. The downstairs has a powder - the door to the garage and then a HUGE open family room, kitchen and eat in area. Its all just perfect! If you want to see more pictures send me an email and I'll send you the link to see all the pics on kodak gallery.

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Julienne said...

oh my gosh - the place is huuuuge! Gotta get yourself a few pups to keep you company. :)