Saturday, February 04, 2006

Another week of homelessness down!

Alas another week has passed...and WHAT a week its been!

Tuesday I traveled from Harrisburg down to Baltimore for a meeting the rest of the week. A meeting with no cell phone or laptop usage allowed during session....which was quite a pain considering I'm still shuffling the movers, appliance delivery's, final inspection & closing times, etc. Meeting was great...a good chance to bond with all of my coworkers and a GREAT hotel! Wednesday we got a special tour of the Baltimore Raven's stadium (MB&T I think its called). Thursday the Baltimore Aquarium opened up JUST for our group. We had the whole place to explore plus a nice dinner. Then we all went over to the ESPN Sports Zone - and then some of us continued onto some Piano Bar. Despite the long night of drinking I was doing great until one particular coworker of mine showed up. We'll call him "B". B and I actually go WAY back...we went to college together....started our same jobs at the same time....lots of friends in common...lots of general silliness. Well...B is not only quite the drinker...but he wants to make sure that everyone else is having a good time too...namely ME. Every damn time I see this guy he gets me totally wasted and we end up hanging out in one of our hotel rooms til all hours of the night. This trip was no exception...though I supposed I should be glad we didn't end up at the Hustler club like my last trip to Baltimore in which we were hanging out. Anyway....everyone scattered from the Piano Bar randomly. Somehow we all got separated as we were trying to walk back to the hotel (which by the way - NONE of us knew were it was and everyone was pretty equally wasted). I was walking with another new friend and we had to stop in another hotel so he could ASK where our hotel was (We heard the next morning this was a fairly common occurance that evening from our group). Anyway...after we leave that hotel we happen to run into B and a couple more folks from our group (none of which know where they are going either). So then B and I are walking along and he suggests we take this nice shortcut down a 3 foot drop. In my drunken state I of course did not drop down properly...and ended up with my entire backside (yes I mean ENTIRE from shoulder to feet) covered in mud. Oh yeah...and I forgot to mention...its POURING rain and NO one has umbrellas and only a handful even have coats! we continue to walk (now quite muddy) towards were we THINK the hotel is....all the while looking for another bar to stop in (remember I'm still adjusting to eastern time so I'm drunk AND wired!). No bar...but we do make it back to the hotel finally. We all scatter...I'm back in my room taking out my contacts and getting out of my really wet muddy clothes when the phone rings. And yes....its B. Now I hesitate to call this a booty call...because despite how drunk we usually are...we haven't really messed arond in like 4 years....but I suppose technically it was because usually we do a lot of cuddling and make out a little bit during these adventures. Well...this time was my time to go find his room so I wander in my drunkeness down two flights of stairs in my pjs to find B's room. Thank GOD we were the last ones back at the hotel because I hate think what would have happened had anyone seen me creeping along. Anyway...we ended up being up til 3:30am before I finally headed back to my room to get a total of THREE hours of sleep before our meeting started Friday morning. And yes in case you're wondering....NEITHER of us felt very good that day!

Anyway, that was my fun meeting. Friday I drove to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Virginia because we can't do the inspection on the house til Monday so rather than sitting in a hotel in Harrisburg by myself I decided to come down here and hang for stuff for my place etc. SO....I'm off to Starbucks and to start spending some money! Hope you all had a GREAT week!

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Ann said...

Glad to see you having some fun despite all the other things you have going on! Hope all is well with the new place and you are soon to be settling in!