Sunday, January 15, 2006

Best new use for.....

Glad press and seal

So I'm getting ready for the movers to come and pack up my place. Even though they do all the work...they'll literally pack your garbage in the garbage can if you're not organized so I've been doing little things like puttng random loose stuff in drawers into ziploc bags.

I was looking around for more things to bag up when I spotted my jewelery box. It occured to me that the LAST time I moved...all my jewelery got ALL jumbled up inside the box making a big freakin mess!

So today...after going through my jewelery box and getting rid of all the crap I don't want. I organized it and then used press and seal to seal off each and every drawer so that on this move all the items will stay in their appropriate place! Yeah press and seal!

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