Friday, January 13, 2006

Airports AGAIN!

So I'm sitting on the floor in the Philadelphia airport because surprise surprise...ALL flights out are delayed. I was supposed to fly Philly to Chicago and then to Oakland...but by the time my Philly flight gets to Chicago the Chicago to Oakland flight will be long gone. And my mom says weather is really bad in Chicago anyway...luckily there's also a direct flight scheduled (not sure why I wasn't on it in the first place since it ends up getting me to Oakland about the same time. So far its showing on time..but since every other flight leaving this airport is delayed I"m not holding my breath. At least since its direct I'll hopefully get home tonight..even if its late...instead of getting stranded at another airport (at least chicago I could have stayed at my moms for the night!).

So this morning we re-did the contract at the realtors. No confirmation of acceptance yet but the agent for the builder didn't think it would be a problem since I'm paying the listed price. Now if only all the mortgage people would get back with me so I can make that decision!

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