Friday, January 27, 2006

Homeless week 1 complete!

Well...I've been without a home of my own for a little over a week now.

Super special thanks to Ann for letting me crash at her place for the first 5 days of my homelessness. I left the Bay Area Monday evening and made my way to Portland for a couple of days. Wednesday night we drove from Portland to Seattle so I've been at Michelle's since then. We had a LONG day at work thursday followed by a long dinner - which probably wouldn't have been so bad except I got this KILLER cold (Ann and Tony-I hope you don't have it too because its no fun!). Anyway, we took today off work and spent the day hooking up Michelle's new iMac and accesssories. And I'm really excited because I now now that its really easy to just buy the airport extreme and get my work laptop and the tivo's on a secure wireless network! YEAH! Its so much easier than what I did before!

Talked to my mortgage guy today and he told me not to worry about a thing...they have everything they need from me and are just waiting on the title company. He said he'd call them today and tell them that he wanted to have the stuff back from them on Monday so that we could be good to go. YEAH!

Anyway, that's it for now....

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el walto said...

Get well soon... I just help my dad set up his new Mac Mini the other day. It's freakin' sweet!!!