Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm losing my mind!

So the movers come TOMORROW to start packing me...and my apartment is no where NEAR ready!!!!

I'm still doing laundry, trying to get rid of stuff I don't want, and have to match up all my collectibles with all their boxes (but not pack them as the movers have to do that themselves), and cleaning.

And all three cell phones have been ringing like mad (yes I said three - I have the Harrisburg work phone in my possession now in addition to my California work phone and my person work phone. PLUS the office line is still working thru Sunday.

One of the movers stopped by today to look at what space (or lack thereof) there is for a truck to get back here....he checked out my apartment too and had a total look of panic on his face at all my stuff (and its present completely disorganized state). On the good side - he did seem to think they'd finish the packing tomorrow and could load on Thursday (instead of two days of packing as we had scheduled).

And I STILL have not confirmation that the contract on my house has been accepted....and I changed who I'm doing my mortgage through because I get a great special rate due to working for my company...but now we're starting the loan app process over again. At least I have the homeowners insurance covered.

Damn...still need to call PG&E and DirecTV to stop service!

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