Thursday, December 29, 2005

All set to come home!

Well..its been a long week. Mom had surgery on Monday to revise the scar's and work done from some earlier procedures. As good as I've been feeling...taking care of her has been a bit much for me. When she laid down this afternoon for a nap I decided to take one too and didn't wake up til she woke me up 3 hours later! Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight.

So now I'm all packed for tomorrow...I shipped a box yesterday..and dad shipped the computer so hopefully those will be there by next Tuesday. Which should work out great since I fly to PA to do my househunting on Thursday. My suitcases are packed SO full! But I love being able to have most of my new stuff with me right away when I get home. IT was mostly books I shipped and lets face it...I can only read so many of those at a time!

I expanded my knitting skills this trip to include "felting". If you are not sure what that is....have you ever shrunk a wool sweater in the wash by accident? That's felting! Except I did it on purpose. I made a hat and mittens. I'll post pictures after I get home.

Tomorrow I'll probably take a nap and then get back to work on organizing for the movers. I can't believe they are coming on the 18th already!

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drea said...

ok, I've felted by accident but not on purpose and actually need to do that when I finish these booties. I want to see the pictures when you're done.