Monday, October 31, 2005

Interesting Morning So Far....

Wonder what else will come up today?

I turned on my laptop this morning to find an email from my stepmom that my dad and sister were thinking about coming to see me this weekend and was I going to be in town. Love how they plan ahead. I'm figuring its probably that my dad needs to come to CA for business again and she's "making him" come visit me too. But that's a few extra days for Stef to be out of school so who knows. Hopefully they let me know soon though because I told Amanda I'd go to this thing with her Saturday night...and I cant go if my Dad's going to be here.

Then just now Mandy called to tell me that her and Michelle are going in together on my birthday present. And that it is something that takes a while. And even though they ordered it in time for it to get here, it might not be ready in time. But that they're going to call again in another week and if they have to change the shipping to get it here they will. Which leads me to wonder...what on EARTH did this two girls get me for my birthday??? I'm clueless! Michelle's always been GREAT at paying attention to things you said you wanted - but that either you forget - or just wouldn't think to actually buy for yourself. And Mandy always picks out beautiful thoughtful things too. I just can't imagine! But now I'm so excited to see! reminds me my birthday is soon...which I'd forgotten except for the fact that I'm going to be out of town that entire week in Portland. Funny though...I've been thinking about Christmas and it completely escaped me that it was almost birthday time!!!!

And of occured to me this morning when I read my stepmom's email that tomorrow is the 2 year anniversery of my tumble down teh stairs. Which reminds me to reflect back on how lucky I am to be alive and not more permanently injured. But also what GREAT friends I have. You all know who you are...but let me just say ...I never would have made it through those first few days without you and I can't thank you enough for being there for me.

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Beverly said...

So when are we celebrating your bday?????