Friday, October 14, 2005

Happy Day!

So when I started working from home I bought a new printer so I could print stuff decent quality. It stopped working like month 3 and since then I haven't had time to take it to the repair I've been printing what I could at Kinkos...or to my nearest office and having someone mail me things. Now...why I say what I could at Kinko' because previously the connections they had to print from your laptop were not compatible with my I was only printing there if I put stuff on my flash hard drive and used their computers. The other day I went out and bought an adapter for my computer because I was tired of this bullshit and not being able to print EVERYTHING at kinkos. So today I went in to print up stuff from my expense reports...and happy day....Kinko's has CHANGED how you hook up your laptop. Its now just an ethernet and usb I was able to plug right in and print everything I needed right at kinkos today! It was awesome!

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