Thursday, October 06, 2005

Something in the water?

So I was outside tonight getting my mail, and when I came back my neighbors upstairs were sitting out on the patio. They asked about Chloe because they hadn't seen her in a few weeks....they just put their dog down about a month before Chloe and knew I was about to do the same. They got a little kitten a couple of weeks ago and she's the CUTEST, SWEETEST little thing you've ever seen. So they brought the kitten out to visit me and I got to cuddle with her for a half an hour. Then more neighbors started coming by. Turns out that one of them, her 14 month old Golden was diagnosed with Lukemia about 2 months ago and was gone within 2 weeks. And we've had two other dogs in the complex die in the past month. Seems strange to have so many animals gone in such a short time. The lady with the Golden told me there is a support group that meets right across the street as well as a hotline at UC Davis (she's on the hotline 3 hours a night). We were saying as many losses as we've had these last few months we should have our own support group right here.

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