Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Weekend with the Family

Thank goodness its Tuesday.

So my dad and sister Stephanie got here Saturday afternoon (and for those of you who were wondering I did finally finish cleaning up my place about 11pm Friday night - sorry I missed you girls but I'm glad you had fun!). We stopped at my place and then headed into downtown Walnut Creek to do some exploring and had a nice dinner at Lark Creek, where I talked Dad into my favorite bottle of wine - a nice Silver Oak. We wandered around town a bit more and then I dropped them at the hotel (yes they didn't even stay with me) because Dad was exhausted and Steffo wanted to take a swim before bed.

Sunday we were up early to get to Alcatraz for our 10:15 tour. Did the requisite visit to see the seals at Pier 39. I must say...no matter how many times I've seen them...I just love to sit and watch for a while! The fog seemed to be lifting slightly so we decided to try and see the Golden Gate Bridge. While it was still pretty foggy, we did get some good shots and my sister can say she's seen it now. We then drove up to Suausalito. My mom had told me before about how when my parents visited CA when I was a baby they had this amazing brunch at some hotel there. Well in strange fashion my dad mentioned it and said we should look for it for lunch. He knew the name, Alta Mira, but that was it. So after driving around Sausalito for nearly an hour (I know can you believe it?) we actually found the hotel. And wouldn't you know, LAST week Sunday was the last time they were serving Sunday brunch. So we ended up at some little place in town. We then drove back to SF and drove Lombard Street. First time I've actually been the one DRIVING when I went down it. Then we headed over to Union Square as the only think Steffo really wanted to do besides see Jelly Belly was shop. Good news was a finally found a pair of black boots - I've been looking for months! Then we headed back to WC and went and saw Dreamer at the movies. Actually enjoyed that quite a bit.

Sunday we were up early again to have breakfast and head up to Napa. Dad and Stef had to check out of the hotel because for some reason they goofed and only booked 2 nights and the hotel was sold out for last night. We decided it would be best for them to get a hotel near SFO for last night so that we weren't trying toget them to SFO with crazy traffic this morning. Then we headed up to Jelly Belly...and into Napa. Visited Sterling, lunch at V. Sattui, and then Silver Oak. Stopped at the Napa outlets then so Stef could do a little more shopping (you'd all be so proud of me because I bought NOTHING there!). We then decided around 5:30 to head towards SFO. Of course weather was terrible yesterday...so between that and freaky traffic going west bound we didn't get them into their hotel until almost 8pm. Luckily by then eastbound traffic was basically over and I was home by 9pm.

And now today I'm enjoying a day of catch up in the office!!!!


Julienne said...

What did you think of Alcatraz? Pretty crazy eh? Did you take the audio tour?

Shelley said...

Yeah..unfortunately for me this was my THIRD trip to Alcatraz...and I think I'm starting to memorize the audio tour. Don't get me wrong..I think its cool...but it was definitely coolest the first time!

Julienne said...

Haha! Three times is overkill, yes.. I went for the first time a month ago when my mom visited and I have no desire to go again! :)

el walto said...

Wow, that's a DAY and HALF! Hope you had fun!