Monday, November 28, 2005

Nice way to get back into the week!

So...this is the view from the room I'm sitting in right now as I type. Gotta say...its breathtaking. We're having a meeting the next couple of days at the beautiful Inn at Langley in Washington.

Rest of my weekend was good. Saturday night folks out at Spoontonic. It was pleasantly mellow for the better part of the night since its was just Cindy, Harsha, Walt, Cathryn and me. Cleve, Munny, and Tony were supposed to meet us at Spoontonic - and not long after I arrived Munny came in and told us that Tony and Cleve couldn't get in because they didn't have collared shirts. When I suggested that they just go to Cleve's house (since he lived the closest) Munny said they didn't have a car because they'd been drinking for hours already. He wandered back outside - and later they called us to say they'd walked down to Masses and we should come. But none of us really wanted to go to Masses. So instead - Munny wandered back to Spoontonic and we smuggled out shirts for Tony and Cleve. It was hilarious watching Munny stuff them in his jacket to sneak them out. Now I must say - I was a tad bit skeptical this would actually work since - apparently Cleve had on sweatpants. Alas - after a bit more time passed - a VERY drunk Munny, Cleve, and Tony made their way into Spoontonic. Somehow despite their hilarious outfits they were let in. I won't try to describe how Cleve looked - because I can't do it justice. But let me just say - if ever there was a night we should have had a camera that was it! Anyway, I stayed a bit longer to commiserate with Cleve before heading home for the night.

Sunday I did more cleaning up around the apartment - still on a mission to find those damn 2003 hallmark ornaments - and then did a little more Christmas shopping. I'm so excited to say that I only need presents for my stepmom's dad and my 2nd mom's husband. AND I got my paystub and didn't even get screwed as bad on the tax on the company car as I normally do! Which means PLENTY of money to pay my bills for Dec and and have fun in Chicago next month!

Today had to be up early to be at Oakland - since last year the Monday after Thanksgiving was the nightmarish experience at LAX, and Monday's in Oakland generally not being great to start with - I was at the airport at 6:15am for my 8:15am flight. Good news is line was still inside - bad news it was still long. I heard it got a lot worse but at least I ended up on time with plenty of time for breakfast. Anyway, now I'm sitting in a rocking chair with my eyes bouncing back and forth between the very inviting looking bed, and the beautiful view outside!


el walto said...

WOW! What a great view! Washington is so beautiful. I'm so glad that you recorded the events that happened at Spoontonic. Ha ha! What a fun evening! The closest I can describe what Cleve's outfit looked like with my shirt included in the mix is a reference to a Friends episode (may the NAACP forgive me) when Joey puts on all of whatshisname's clothes at the same time. Truly a hilarious sight to behold!

Shelley said...

OOH! Good call! It was kinda like when Joey put on all of Chandlers clothes!