Monday, November 21, 2005

Another Monday

Thank goodness for short weeks! I'm just not motivated this week!

Friday I hung at home catching up on some Tivo and resting. Saturday I ran some errands and then met people for dinner to celebrate my birthday! (I'll post some pics if someone sends them to me!). Had dinner at Cantina with Ann, Amanda, Rachel, Jen, Steve, Cindy, Kathryn, Walt, Bev and Tim. A GREAT big thank you to everyone who showed up to celebrate with me! It meant a lot! After dinner Ann, Amanda, Rachel, Cindy and I all headed to Crogans to do a little dancing. And let me just say, guys have gotten WAY to aggressive. And NOT in a good way! We were tolerating it most of the night...but it really got to be too much. Tip for random guys out there lurking on this blog. Most girls do NOT want you to put your hands on them without some kind of invitation. And, NO means NO. Not come back and start harrassing us again in 10 minutes!

Anyway, Rachel stayed at my place Saturday night and Sunday we went for breakfast at my favorite spot, Crepes A Go Go. After that we wandered around Walnut Creek to get a little shopping done. It was really nice to spend some one-on-one time with Rach! I was very proud of myself - I got my Dad and Mandy's christmas presents purchased and only bought one tiny little lip gloss for myself at Benefit (although I did buy a few pairs of jeans, a new belt and couple of random kitchen things at Kohls the day before). Of course, I got home and took a look at my Christmas list and I still have only purchased/made gifts for HALF the people on my list. Better get cracking on that since the November paycheck is the one I get dinged on taxes for driving personal miles on the company car!

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Julienne said...

Half the people on your list! Cripes, I haven't even *made* my list..

Glad you had a fun bday! Sorry again my sick invalid self couldn't be there.. :(