Monday, November 14, 2005

And another weekend ends...

Had a good weekend even though it was cut short by flying to Portland tonight.

Friday night Amanda and I saw Pride and Prejudice at the CineArts in Pleasant Hill. Good movie. It was long, but shorter than the BBC miniseries. I felt the parts of that movie that were cut from the new one helped keep a good flow to the movie.

Saturday morning I was up early to go horsebackriding on the beach in Daly City. (Thanks for arranging Julienne!!!). It was amazing! The weather was SO beautiful Saturday morning and we rode down the hills and onto the beach for a while. Was a GREAT relaxing morning - even if my legs are a little sore still!

Saturday night was the big 70s (and now) 80s party. Amanda and I met up in the parking garage so we didn't have to walk to the bar alone (we were in full 80s style). Started off at Crogans - music was great there! Moved on to Mr. Lucky's - music was not as good...but company was. Then we ended up at Dan's, which was fun til the band started at 9:50 - they were REALLY not my taste. And the sound was TERRIBLE at Dan's. They were having lots of mic problems which was causing some high pitched feedback - that hurt my ears pretty bad. But even when that wasn't happening - for some reason it was especially loud - my ears just couldn't take it. So we bailed a little bit after 10. But since I'd had such a full day already I didn't care.

This morning I slept in a little, finished catching up on Tivo, and packed for my week in Portland. Of course my flight was NOT on time...I knew it was a bad sign when I got to the gate at 5:10 and the 5:00pm flight before mine was still sitting there not having boarded. Anyway, I'm finally least this is the better of the hotels I get to stay at. And I have a sleep number bed. The only really sucky thing is that I have to be here over my birthday instead of down in CA with all my friends!

Thats all for now. Have a good week everyone!


Julienne said...

Oooo.. sleep number bed. Are those as nice as they say they are?

THanks for coming Saturday.. it was great seeing you, although I was bummed we couldn't really chat too much (I was busy trying to keep Isabella distracted so she wouldn't misbehave).

Shelley said...

I LOVE my sleep number bed. This hotel I always stay at in Portland let me test it out and I bought one at home earlier this summer. Its AWESOME!!!!

ISabella misbehave? I can't imagine. I was told my horse was also known as "Mr. Unpredictable" ...explains a lot.

You'll just have to come Saturday and then we can chat some!!!!

el walto said...

Cool! An update to the goings on that I was curious about. I'm glad you had a great time ridin' and at the 70's 80's thing. Too bad about the music though. Someday I'm sure you'll get to make fun of me along with everyone else when I whip out the earplugs I always carry around for just such occasions!

Shelley said...

No making fun of the earplugs...when we're all old and grey and wearing our hearing aids you can make fun of us!

Beverly said...

Hope you had a happy happy Portland bday yesterday!!! What did you do?

Are the sleep number beds exactly the same from mattress to mattress or is your number going to be a little different in each one?

Shelley said...

Well they have 5 models of sleep number beds that all have different levels of cushion / pillowtop. But the one I bought is pretty close to the one that Radisson its the same. Otherwise they say the more pillowtop you have, the higher the number (because you're getting more softness from the pillowtop so the matress can be more full of air.