Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sad for now...but will be better soon!

So my new Coach legacy leather shoulder bag in the dusty rose (see October 1 blog entry) is defective. I noticed earlier this week that the turnlock was missing....I knew coach would take care of it as soon as I could get into a store...and was more bummed that I couldn't use it for a while.

Mom decided we needed to go to OakBrook after my long day in the car so I could walk around some - so we brought the purse into the Coach store there. Unfortunately they'd just sold out of it in that color earlier in the week. BUT...a nearby store had they processed a return on my damaged bag and are having the replacement shipped to my mom's house for me. They say it will ship Monday and I should have it 2 days after that. YEAH! I was afraid they'd be sold out and it would have to get sent back for repairs and then it would be WEEKS before I got it back.....but instead i'll have a brand new bag in just a few days....... And some of you wonder why I spend so much money on Coach!

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