Saturday, December 16, 2006

12/16/06 Spending

UG! What a long day...drove from Harrisburg to Naperville....exactly 700 miles from my garage to my mom's driveway.

$6.01 at starbucks for venti cinnamon latte and diet coke
$5 for breakfast at McD's
$8.95 for the Ohio Turnpike
$5 for lunch at McD's
$4.15 for the Indiana Turnpike
$.80 for the Illinois Tollway before I realized my EZ Pass works with Ipass
$35 at Sephora for face wash
$45 at Walgreens for contact solution, cleaner, a GIANT remote control (christmas present) and milk for mom's house

I also had tolls on the PA turnpike and 2 more in Illinois..but not sure how much they were since I used the EZpass.

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