Monday, December 11, 2006

Boy am I it really only Monday?

So....I've been to 4 days of various holiday parties now..... Friday and today were luncheon's that were work related. Saturday was my office Christmas party, and Sunday was the Christmas party. To top that off...I spent the weekend with a KILLER headache...and had an emergency vet visit on Friday.

Where to begin....Tuesday of last week I got home late..and noticed Joey's one eye wasn't open all the way....occasionally I see that...but usually a few minutes later its I didn't worry too much. Wed AM I noticed he still wasn't opening all the way...but had a long day away and by the time I was home to check on him it was too late to call the vet. Now....just the eye not opened may not seem like a big deal....but he's been sleeping a LOT more than normal lately...and he was snoring a lot LAST weekend when he was I was a bit worried. When I called the vet on Tuesday...they couldn't get me in until Friday....I wasn't thrilled...but I took it. Thursday I had a CRAZY long meeting...7:30am til after 6pm...with almost no I was BEAT when I came home...but did notice the eye was looking a little better. Friday morning his eye looks fine...but I decided better safe than off to the vet we go. Where for $35 I learn that if I hadn't told the vet anything was wrong she would have said he's perfectly whatever it was it had passed. Unfortunately she ALSO told me he has a tooth he needs pulled....she didn't want to do it right away in case he HAD been I have that too look forward to in a few months.

Saturday I was maybe supposed to meet some folks to see Apocolypto early afternoon -so I had enough time to make my mac and cheese and get to my bosses house...but I woke up with a KILLER to vomit bad. So I spent most of the day sleeping, woke up to make my mac and cheese, when back to sleep, showered and took off for the party. And although I was a little better by party time...I really wasn't in the mood....and the night just seemed to drag on.

Sunday was my meetin Christmas party...I was still in serious headache mode...and knew I wouldn't be drinking due to an early day Monday....but I went and had a pretty good time. We definitely took some extremely silly pics that I cannot wait to see. And I stayed at the party way later than I'd allowing for my "settle down" time and laundry time...I didn't crawl into bed until 11pm..and despite my aromatheraphy sleep patch...I think I got about 4 hours of sleep last night.

Today I was in the car by 6am for the three hour drive to Pittsburgh. I had morning meetings, another Christmas luncheon....and then more fun. The folks needing to be at my afternoon meeting didn't bring what they needed to lunch...and the VP didn't want to do our meeting at their location...which meant that they didn't even get back to have our meeting until almost 3pm. So......the whole time I'm annoyed that that means I'll be on the road later than I wanted...and at the same time..the one girls computer the whole time I'm annoyed...I don't even know if we're going to be able to DO what we were supposed to during our meeting. Finally the arrived (minus working computer) and we got through SOME of what we needed to least as much as they were prepared for...and I got on the road by 4:45 for the three hour drive back to Harrisburg.

Thank God tomorrow is an office day, and the office is still closed for rennovations...which means tomorrow is a HOME office day. It will give me time to rest up before having to be near DC for a 7:15am meeting on Wednesday! Hm....better get Michelle and Mandy's christmas presents in the mail tomorrow too!

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