Friday, May 09, 2008

Would you be disturbed???

Two disturbing things this week.

First....(copied this off my ravelry post on the same subject so some of you may have seen this already).....

I live at the end of a street with relatively new construction, only 10 people living in 7 townhouses, and the rest of the street is as yet undeveloped. When you pass the two buildings the road goes up a hill into a culdisac (spelled totally wrong but you get the idea - and again totally undeveloped as of yet).

Over the past couple of months I’ve been noticing pairs of cars show up, spend 10 minutes up the hill out of site, then depart. Not necessarily the same two cars every time...but pairs of cars.

Now..again..10 people live here. Prior to this..NO ONE drove down here with 2 exceptions. 1)The few of us who live here or 2) going to the model home which is directly across the street from me on the opposite corner (there are like 4 townhouses still unsold). Usually people who are going to the model, park right in front of the model and walk in. Or park in one of the open driveways and walk in. They do NOT drive to the top of the hill and then leave after 10 minutes.

So today, get home around 4pm, walking to the mailbox when I see a Camary pull up and park and sit, not at the abandoned end of the rd but in front of the houses. A minute or so later a silver honda pulls up, they talk, they drive up the hill together. After 5 mintues they drive back down the hill, park on the opposite side of the street. She gets out of her car and gets into his car. They sit..and sit..and sit. I’m outside with the dog the entire time waiting for her to go #2. Finally, after them sitting 20 minutes in the one car not doing anything, I call the local police.

I mean…these cars are coming all hours of the day and night for 10 minutes max. What would YOU think they were doing?

Cop shows up about 10 minutes later, talks to them for 3 minutes, gets in his car for like 8 minutes and leaves. Honda and Camary still sitting. Meanwhile, model (which was open) closes and agent leaves. Cop calls me 10 minutes later (cars still there) to tell me that they say they are considering buying one of the houses, and since they don’t have any outstanding warrants, seems to check out and I shouldn’t worry.

I express to him my concern, that 1) why would they not go IN to see the house versus sit on the street for an hour which it was close to at that time, 2) its not just these 2 cars, but all sorts of cars 5-6 times a day and in the middle of the night, and 3) I’m outside with the dog every 2 hours roughly and see this all the time and can’t imagine what all these cars are doing up at the undeveloped part of the street.

I told him I felt silly calling but that this whole thing just seems weird. He said not to feel silly, they’d rather I call than not call.

What do you guys think? I’m sitting hear shaky because if there is something bad going on, its probably obvious to the people who it was and what house. Plus, aside my own personal safety which is a concern. I’m getting ready to put the house on the market. What if something funky IS going on up there and a potential buyer is also concerned by it?

Do you guys think I’m worried over nothing? Would you be calling the cops every time a strange set of cars showed up (and didnt go into the model - or anywhere near it for that matter?).

I'm in the post office yesterday to mail out a package. In front of me in line are two foreign gentlemen...I honestly couldn't tell you were from I only saw them from behind and they spoke in very broken english. The one has one of those little orange cards the mailman leaves when you have to go to the post office to pick up your package. He gives it to the clerk, she grabs his letter. She tells him she needs to see some ID before she can release the letter to him. He tells her he doesn't have ID and the letter is really for his "brother" standing next to him. She asks the "brother" for ID, but he "forgot" his ID at home. Without any hesitation, she just lets them sign for the letter and leave. Mind you...the entire time the original dude is holding his car I'm thinking..."how did he drive here and he has no ID of any kind?". I get outside, and the two men are sitting in the car, and the original one is reading the letter.

Now...two things bother me here... 1) Why was neither of these men able to produce ID and 2) WHY on earth would the post office clerk release the letter! If I was the sender of that letter and required ID I'd be furious to find out that the letter was released with out it. What do you think?

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kristin noel said...

Shelley that is some freaky stuff. I think I would keep a log of the kinds of cars and plates (if possible) you start seeing and when they arrive/leave. If this continues, you can report it again and say that you are still feeling uneasy. At the very least, send the cops through more often or they might set up a surveillance. Keep us posted.