Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It begin..

Personnel announcement finally went out last night. Effective date on new job is Aug 1, though training doesn't start until Sept 8. Luckily the training dates have changed from the original ones I was told so I won't miss any training for vacation like before. I do apparently get "homework" that has to be done before I'll probably stil shoot for moving mid Aug.

Assuming of course I can sell my house.. well..I mean...selling it shouldn't be the long as there's not something horribly wrong with it then I should be able to SELL it because the company will buy it. Problem is at what price and where does that leave me. I'm thinking I'll be negative right now..meaning smaller house needed on the other side. That said, relocation company finally called to get stuff rolling last night...I'm completely overwhelmed...I don't know how single people go through the sell / buy move process on their own. It was complicated enough to buy while relocating without someone to help me through the process. I don't know WHAT I'm going to do with selling.. I mean...what do I do with the animals if I'm out of town that day and someone wants to show the house?

Wish me luck....I think I'm going to develop an ulcer over this....

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Princess Di said...

If I can help in ANY way, let me know. You CAN do this GF! It is complicated. I feel your pain!