Thursday, May 22, 2008

Slightly less freaked...

ok..talked to a co-worker who had to use the company buyout for his house and sold at a loss.

based on company relocation policy for "loss protection" support and what I owe on my mortgage...If I have to take the buyout offer from the company I need it to be at $128k or higher for me to come out even or ahead. If I'm able to find a buyer..I need to sell at $120k or higher to come out even or ahead. I think the average SELLING price in my neighboorhood is around $135k year to date. As long as that hadn't dropped much I should be okay, though not ahead which would have been nice. That said, I was told to push to get the appraisels down ASAP as they are used to come out with the buyout price - which I can be notified of 1 month after the house has been listed - assuming the appraisels are down and reports turned in.

On the other end..the Illinois realtor called me today (don't know what the hell is taking so long for the 2 in PA). We're all set up for househunting the last weekend in June. Yay! We had a nice long chat about what I'm looking for on that end and she's going to start sending me information. I'm less concerned about that end..other than how I do on this end may impact what I'm willing to spend on THAT end. Fortunately, even at the low end of my preferred price range there...I should still come out with housing fairly equal to what I have here. Plus every place there has basements and 2 car garages...versus now where I'm on a slab with a 1 car garage.

Anyway..thats all for my relocation update for today!

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