Thursday, May 29, 2008

Next steps...

So last night the mortgage brokerage company affiliated with my relocation company emailed. Why she emailed at 10pm last night I don't understand. And I've yet to get a response to my response to her stating "yes please tell me all you have to offer, get me pre approved, and get me some rate quotes". I was less than impressed last time I was referred to the OLD affiliated mortgage company and since I had to pay all my closing costs that time anyway I didn't bother. But this time I really need to either go through them or my old bank in Peoria. Either of those ways the closing costs get direct billed to the relocation company, rather than me having to pay and get reimbursed. Which means less cash I need to have at closing..or more to put down. If the relocation company wants our mortgage business so bad why do they provide such substandard service?

Today came the first call from the moving company. This is my third time being moved with them, and its the same company that moves our big I know I'm in good hands. The coordinator was so cute today...I called her back and she said "Is it really time for us to move you already? Didn't we just drop you off in Pennsylvania a short while ago?". She asked about any major furniture and misc purchases since I've moved here and if I thought we needed to do a full inventory teleconference again or if we should just add the new bedroom set to what we had from last time. I told her we better start fresh since they underestimate me EVERY time I move. I seem to recall running out of boxes twice last time. Of course..the shady guy they ended up contracting to do my move kept some of the boxes for himself since he had a daughter moving that weekend..but you KNOW he charged my company for them. Anyway, Monday I'll have my official phone interview with the movers to get that whole process rolling.

Tomorrow both the realtors come back in with their market analysis. Should be interesting. The women, spent over an hour here yesterday. She actually sold most of the homes in my development that are on the street behind me..she worked for the builder as the agent in the model. We talked quite a bit and then she took tons of pictures so we could get me listed as soon as possible once I choose. The man, well, he only spent like 15 minutes I don't know WHAT the heck tomorrow will be like with him. I guess we'll see. But so far I'm leaning towards the women. I wish he was coming in the morning and she was in the afternoon. Then I'd know for sure when she came back I wanted to go with her and would tell her. Not that she can react immediately since I have to tell my relocation consultant who officially tells her...but still..she'd know it was coming. Oh well...wish me luck tomorrow with the realtors! (plus I have a stupid 3 hour teleconference in between those two appts!).

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