Tuesday, March 06, 2007

To prove to El Walto that girls like gadgets too....

For my "fun" stuff from my bonus this year...I did not buy a purse...or shoes...or clothes....well I did get a couple of sweaters on clearance at ann taylor loft.... but the bulk of my fun stuff (since most went into savings or paid off debt) I went tech!!!!

I had lots of fun at The Apple Store (online of course cuz this dumb burg I'm in doesn't HAVE an apple store for 100 miles in any direction. Thank god apples got a distribution center about 4 miles from my house and stuff normally shows up next day when I order online!

A wireless keyboard:

Wireless mighty mouse (which I just recently learned to configure for "right clicking" I can't believe it took me so long...I knew it was supposed to work...but couldn't figure out why it didn't...dumb me...I had to SET IT UP for that!

And a 120GB hard drive for backing up. Especially since I'll need it for Time Machine when Leopard releases. But for now even using "Backup" its a hell of a lot easier than all the DVDs I have to back up to weekly. I've got Backup set to backup to the hard drive at 10pm every night now!

If only Leopard would hurry up and come out!!!!!!!!!!!


el walto said...

Hee hee... I know girls like gadgets, too... I just also know that there are priorities! (even I love to look through Italian shoes and clothing when it's time for me to upgrade the wardrobe, it's just I'll be trying to get an Elgato EyeTV before doing so).

I *love* my new wireless set up and I'm sure you will too! I've always wondered about the Firefly and it's nice to know someone else has it and could give me a review on it when it's time to switch to Leopard. I can't wait for the switch too, because that's when I'll be upgrading to a new system!

Shelley said...

I've been looking at the EyeTv too...but now that I can use TivoToGo and Toast to get stuff from my Tivo to the mac and watch on my ipod or burn to DVD I think I won't spend the money on EyeTV. I love tivo too much!

And I'm totally loving ALL my wireless stuff already! I have to play with the the hard drive some more....when I installed it....I accidentally installed its OWN backup software with it...and it filled up my 120GB already...even though I only use like 40GB of my mac! I've uninstalled and deleted all those back ups off the drive...but it still says I only have like 6 GB left....and only the first backup (using "backup" from .mac) is a full back up....the others are incremental....so there's no way it can really be that full!!!!