Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Latest Coach Lusts.....

I want I want! I can't spend the money because of my recent glasses purchase....and its really too big for me...but its so damn cute!

Limited Edition Lily Straw Basket

There's also a crazy expensive perfume themed straw basic - $1600 - but it comes packed with all kinds of perfume themed goodies!


MF said...

i am DYING to get this bag! I saw it in the new catalog and almost passed out. I'm going to wait until I get the 25% off coupon they send out a few times a year (once a season). It's hard to justify spending this much when (A) I have too many bills, (B) I spent $458 on the Legacy stripe bag in Dec., which I have been wearing non-stop, and purchased the Kendall sunglasses yesterday) and (C) I have TWO new Coach bags still with the tags on, unused (the reversible mahogany and the slate colored patent leather). Coach is truly an addiction!

juliana said...

i agree its totally gorgeous but i am so petite i think i could be overwhelmed by it.