Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm the proud owner of the new coach deluxe fragrance sample!!!

I've known for about 5 months now that Coach was soon to be developing their own fragrance....and waiting eagerly to see what it might be. As we've gotten closer to its March 5 release date there's been more in the press about it...and LOTS of buzz on the Purse Forum. Some of the Coach sales associates on the purse forum have been raving about how much they love it. AND from what I've heard the prices are great.

So yesterday I got home to find THIS in the mail!

Not only does it smell amazing..but how cute is the packaging!!!!! And I have a lovely little purse size spray that will last me for ages!!! Guess I'll have to add this to my wish list when my sample starts to go away....maybe that means I won't need to buy a new bottle of the Hermes Rose Ikebana I liked when I'm in Chicago in May....certainly this would be WAYYYYYYY cheaper than that one! And if Michelle buys more at Hermes they'll probably give me another generous sample of that anyway which will last for ages!

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