Thursday, November 02, 2006

New regular blog feature

Okay...I'm putting myself on a self imposed spending ban....between stuff for the house....and being bored out of my mind and shopping online (since I can't go out and shop in this crappy town).....and my coach habit..... I've allowed myself to up the balance on my credit cards .... and I'm not going to share the amount...because ANY balance is bad....but this is really bad. And in another 18 months is when I get moved again....I'd like to have some equity in my house by then so I don't have to finance 100% next time.... And I don't want a lot of debt looming over me because I'll have to buy a car again next time I move since I won't get a company car anymore. order to help keep myself accountable...I'm going to report my daily purchases on my blog! I'm allowing myself necessities....and some entertainment on weekends....but other than Christmas shopping I'm really trying to not spend money.... And I'll not be including eating out when I get to expense it to work! Oh..and I've decided when I eat out...I'm not using my debit card anymore...I'm paying cash...that helps me realize what I'm spending better!

Since its the second I"ll get this month up to date and then plan to update every day....


Mortgage/Taxes/Insurance = $963 (don't hate me yet...second mortgage is due later in the month for another $350 ish)
Phone = $15
Cell = $56
Power = $51
Sewer = $41
Cable / Internet = $131
Morning latte = $4.01
Interim Property Taxes = $396
3Q local income tax = $129
Credit card payment = $1000

Afternoon latte = $4.01

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