Monday, November 06, 2006

Mean...but well rested...mommy

So....ever since I brought home my little bundles of joy last sleep has suffered....

Originally they played all night long...and as time passed...Zella started behaving and Joey started getting worse. He jumps on top of me...licks whatever part of my skin is not under the blankets....starts nibbling my nose of the licking doesn't get his desired attention. Talks at the top of his lungs.... Just generally keeps me from getting any sleep.... It usually starts about 4am...and I throw him off the bed every 20 minutes or so til I finally get up. And on weekends the latest I ever even try and sleep is 8am.

Recently Joey expanded his torture to include laying on my pillow at the top of my head...and pawing my head..and CHEWING my hair.

My mom has asked all along why I didn't just lock them out...and I guess I don't have a good answer...Zella is such a sweetie...that I don't mind her being in bed with me. And I didn't want to separate them by closing her in and him then she couldn't get to the litterbox.

But the hair chewing was the last straw for last week as I was getting ready for bed I noticed that both cats were not in the room....and closed the door. Zella did come over and start trying to pry the door open...but it only lasted about 30 minutes and she gave up. I did hear some playing early in the morning but it wasn't as disruptive as it is when they are on top of me.

So...I feel a little bad because my babies don't get to cuddle with me at night...but I've slept better this past week then I have since I brought my little babies home! I even slept until 10:30am on Saturday!!!

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