Thursday, November 09, 2006

My first birthday present of 2006

I love that even 3000 miles apart Michelle and I are still so in sync with one another.

Let me start by saying...Michelle is the BEST gift giver I've ever known...she has this knack for remembering some little thing you said you loved, wanted, etc...but never would have thought to buy yourself. And she remembers and gets it! I LOVE my birthday and Christmas just because I'm dying to see what thing I always wanted and never thought to buy that she would give me!

I on the other hand...not that great a gift giver. When its time for me to buy...I'll remember that a person TOLD me something that I should remember...but I don't...and I just figure something out. But this year...I was SOOOO excited for Michelle's birthday.

Michelle took a sushi making class last year with Seattles top sushi chef. Now she and the girls make sushi every so often. On one of my trips to Color Me Mine earlier this year...I noticed they had sushi plates and wasabi dishes. I perfect! And I made Michelle a fabulous set of dishes for her birthday, in colors to flatter her regular dishes..and sent them along with some chop sticks.

So yesterday my birthday present arrives..a large heavy box. I open the top to find a little note that reads "Happy Birthday. I had this present for a while, so I'm sticking with it, even after my birthday present". Now Michelle and I have had several discussions since I moved about the fact that there's no place for me to run and pick up sushi quickly in Harrisburg - not like when I'd get it at Safeway while picking up a latte. And she's told me repeatedly that I should start making my own sushi at home - that its not really that hard....

So the minute I read the note from Michelle - I knew what was in the package.

Guess I need to run to the store for some cucumbers (since there's no good avocados in PA this time of year).

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