Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm in the money.....

Well..not really.... You know how McDonalds had Monopoly last month? Well...I'd gotten some stamps but then I didn't go back...and I had to stop while driving someone back to Hburg Thursday and ended up getting more. I didn't look at them then, but I looked when I got in the car to drive to Virigina this weekend..and I swear I had the missing railroad. I then let my mind drift away since I wouldn't be able to see for sure until I got home. So yesterday as I'm driving back from Virigina, I see the little stamps and start fantasizing about what I'm going to do with my $5million.

Consider of course that approx half will go to I'll get about $2.5 Mill to put in the bank. First thing I'd do is pay off my credit cards and school loans and then buy an SUV...either splurge on a Mercedes or just do a done up Honda Pilot. Then I'd call the realtor and put the house on the market and the cats and I would hit the road for Chicago. (Guess I would have to give my notice by then - but I'd make sure I didn't do that until I actually had the check deposited).

Upon arrival in Chicago, my mom and I would go to the bank and I'd pay off her house for her. I'd then leave it to her to decide if she wanted to stay in it or not...but at least its paid for and if she decides to move she'd have a ton of equity. Then I'd start looking for a place of my own. Now I don't want anything too outrageous...because I'm thinking I want to live off the interest of my $2.5 mil .... or whats left of it after I buy my mom's house and my new car. So I'm thinking either a nice (but not too big house) in Naperville close to the family...or a hip condo in downtown Chicago close to shopping and with lake views.

Eventually if I get bored with living off my money I may go back to school.... Also may finance mom while SHE goes to college since she never got to go and really likes school. I've always wanted to breed I could have puppies around me all the time...but I'd need more land to do that. I would definitely GET a new puppy the minute I moved into my new that where it may.

Eventually I may also find some small condo out in California so that I can come visit all my fantastic friends out there whenever I want to.

Thats about the jist of it...but then I got home and saw I did not in fact have the winning stamp. And I was quite upset.

That said, last week I put up 9 pieces of my beloved coach collection on ebay. All the auctions are now over and I sold 8 of 9 items. All together I sold them for $332.25. The S&H I charged for all those auctions comes out to $91. I think my shipping costs won't be that that will help cover the ebay fees of $34 and the paypal fees for those using a cc instead of their bank account. I know I paid WAY more than that for them....but I priced to sell figuring its like found money for me. It will make a nice contribution to my Christmas shopping fund - particularly since this is the month the extra money for my company car gets deducted from my paycheck. After Thanksgiving I may take a look at all my accessories for other items I should part with. And maybe review the bags one more time. I'm also thinking I have a couple of almost new pairs of shoes that I got great deals on, but aren't as comfy as I thought that I may sell. The one pair I got for $75 during Nordstrom's half yearly sale earlier this year - but normal price is $ I may make a nice profit off those!

So...I may not have $2.5 million....but I have more than I woke up with!

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el walto said...

Ahhhh... I definitely share your fantasy of getting rich quick, even though I know slow and steady definitely wins the race when it comes to finances.

It's been fun watching your daily total as it were - ha! I've been cutting back for a longggg time now and just try to be happy with what I have. It's an interesting coincidence that we're both blogging about cashflow at the same time :)