Monday, May 08, 2006

Nothing weekend for me....

So last week I was in Tampa for a meeting most of the week. Got home at a decent time on Friday afternoon....but I was trying to be good and get some exercise while I was away...which meant not walking (since the fitness center closed at 8pm) until 11pm-12am. Which meant not a lot of sleep. Then Friday the Super Shuttle picked me up at 5am...which allowed me only 4 hours that night. I made it home around 12pm on Friday....and within a few minutes I heard backup beeping outside. I noticed they were moving stuff from the model to one of the units by me (it seems they sold the model) and I assumed it was from the truck they were using to move stuff. But after another minute the window I was sitting by was getting shaded by something....a LARGE Sears Carpet & Upholstry Care truck. ON MY LAWN. As I was headed outside to tell them they had to move the guy from the builder went up to them and asked them if they had my permission to be on the lawn. At that point I'd made it outside and told him under no circumstances did they have permission to be on my lawn - and had not even asked. This jackass drive tried telling both of us that because it was a townhouse its community property. But its NOT a townhouse...its a Planned Urban Development and the property is MINE. I told him I didn't care what he assumed....someone owned the property and even if it was community property that doesn't mean he can drive on it without someones permission (such as the HOA if they owned it). He continued to argue with us and threatened to punch out the guy from the builder before finally moving his truck to the street. The guy from the builder came by a while later with the dumbasses business card so I can call and file a complaint with Sears. The guy from the builder said the HOMEOWNER of the unit they were working on told the Sears guy that it was okay to drive up on my lawn. Apparently besides that dude being stupid he's also a major asshole-as he's the reason the unit next to him is up for sale already.

Anyway, I got a little work done Friday afternoon, and was supposed to head out and meet some co-workers at a bar across the river after they were going paintballing...but I sat down on the couch for a few minutes and the next thing I knew it was 8pm and I was two hours late to meet my I stayed in.

Saturday consisted of running errands and catching an afternoon showing of Mission Impossible 3. Action was good....there were a few twists in the story that I definitely did NOT see I found it enjoyable even if it wasn't the big box office success it should have been.

Sunday I was supposed to go the local minor league baseball game...but I woke up with a killer migraine (which I still feel some this morning). I did have to run to the office and drop off my laptop because folks from HQ are here upgrading them to Windows XP. But then I came back home and crawled back into bed.

Now this morning I'm trying to do what work I can from home..but its VERY hard to do my job without my laptop and all the files and systems I have access to on it. I can access my email online from my home pc...and downloaded some files to update some of my reports which I put on my imac temporarily...but that's about all I can do. I'm supposed to meet someone in the office later today....hopefully when I get there they will be done with my laptop!

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